Album Review: Australian Kingswood Factory – 245

Cover image and review by Matt Gleeson. Published: 19th August 2016

Australian Kingswood Factory, a Melbourne based trio, comprising of Carlos Desouza (drums), Chris Keogh (bass) and Lindsey Bush (guitar and vocals) bring back the sounds of the hard working and hard playing Australian pub rock bands of the late 1970’s and 80’s.  AKF’s obvious love of Bon Scott era AC/DC shines through in their live performances and has been ably replicated on their  vinyl release titled 245.

The album opens with a quick paced instrumental piece titled ‘The Ballad of Fast Eddie’. The album then meanders through the badlands of a further 11 tracks covering such topics as bad men, badder women,  broken hearts, fast highways and of course the fact that these guys sold their souls for rock’n’roll.

Australian Kingswood Factory have openly proclaimed that in producing this recording, they were chasing the sound of Sydney’s Albert studios, the birthing place of many Australian rock icons including Stevie Wright, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo.  While tracks such as Built To Last and Two Lane Blacktop demonstrate the indelible stamp of early AC/DC, there are also strains of the rockabilly chug of the bass in tracks such as Ballad of Fast Eddie, and the lyrical imagery of Devil’s Right Hand is reminiscent of many a country murder song.

This melting pot of influences takes what could have ended up as being a very two dimensional and predictable rock album, and instead delivered an interesting listen, while maintaining enough grunt to keep fans of Aussie rock happy.

My one lament is that my car does not come complete with a turntable, as this album is the perfect soundtrack for a long drive.  Thankfully purchasers of the album also receive a digital download code.

Favourite Track: Devil’s Right Hand Man

Verdict: Legacy of Australian rock lives on, 6 out of 7 burnouts on a lonesome highway.

Availability: On vinyl while stocks last at an AKF show.  Digital copy available on iTunes


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