Album Review: Malevolent by Masochist


Skinpin’s drummer Anna Goldstein recommended that Ragged Edge editor Matt Gleeson have a listen to Lismore based punk/hardcore outfit Masochist.  And here’s the result….

Listening to the female fronted four piece’s July digital release titled Malevolent, reminds me of Spanish hardcore band We Ride and the earlier recordings of WolfXDown.  If anything Masochist is a tad more brutal in their execution than the aforementioned bands.  Maybe the similarities begin and end with the fact that each band is a politically motivated, female fronted hardcore band  (although Larissa from Wolf Down was replaced with a male singer in 2014), but pfft whatever!

The long and short of it is that these guys sound ace.  And while we are talking about short, don’t expect this digital release to be your driving music, unless of course you’re driving to the local milkbar because Masochist slam out 6 tracks in a grand total of 7 minutes and 42 seconds.  Take that prog rock!

Masochist offer up a pretty impressive piece of Australian hardcore here and I will definitely be first in line if they come to Melbourne anytime soon.

Verdict:  Just ace! Even the East German judge gave them a 9.5

Favourite track: Hostile

Availability: Digital Digital download available on BandCamp. Pay as you feel

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