Album Review: Unite As One by The Patient

Ragged Press Editor Matt Gleeson was lucky enough to receive an advance digital copy of Melbourne hardcore/punk crossover 4 piece, The Patient’s new E.P., ‘Unite as One’.

Slated for release via Bandcamp under the Dead Memory Records label on the 14th October, ‘Unite As One’, is 10 tracks of melodic hardcore that at times demonstrates The Patient’s self-proclaimed roots in punk and rock.

In many ways this offering reminds me of those other Melbourne legends, Coffin Wolf.  Tommy Gatiss’ screamed vocals overlay a rhythm section consisting of Craig Maclean on bass and Mat on the skins, setting a similar tempo to many of the  aforementioned Coffin Wolf’s songs.  The significant difference between the two bands however is the riffs produced by Luke Baird on guitar which often lean more towards the hardcore end of the guitar riffage spectrum (and yes I know I’m inventing words again, but I only ever promised reviews of great bands not proper usage of the Queen’s English).

The Patient, who were founded in 2015, claim that the band is the product of the idea of mixing different band members love of hardcore with punk and rock, and indeed listening to the album from start to end, the punk influence is definitely undeniable in some tracks however it’s really the hardcore influences that shine through.

The first two tracks on the album, the aptly titled ‘Unite as One’ and ‘Bow To Me’, are the standouts on the album for me.  The opening track ‘Unite As One’, sets the scene with gang chants, a rocking guitar riff and Gatiss’ vocals demanding your attention.  The second track, ‘Bow To Me’, features vocals by Gladstone’s Lucas Chong and is probably one of the more punk/rock influenced numbers on the album.  Truth be told however, lovers of hardcore will find little fault in any of the 10 tracks offered up here.

Overall this is the kind of album that will have you jonesing to smash your body around in the pit, which I think we can all agree is a very good thing.

Unite as One by The Patient will be released by Dead Memory Records through Bandcamp, 14th October 2016.

The Patient will be playing a launch party to celebrate the release of the E.P. at the Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar November 5th 2016. Joining them will be Australian Kingswood Factory, The Beggars’ Way, DIEFM, The Commonly Insane

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