Matt’s Bandcamp Picks – #1

This is the first in a semi regular series (interpret that as ‘I’ll do some more when I feel like it, or maybe remember’), by Ragged Press editor/photographer Matt Gleeson, reporting on new discoveries and new releases, in that wonderful world of Bandcamp.

a0583802983_16 1. The Phosphorous Bombs

The Phosphorous Bombs are a Sydney based 5 piece that churn out some fast paced punk tunes.  With two recordings to their name listed on Bandcamp, the latest released in February 2016, The Phosphorous Bombs cite NOFX, Bad Religion, Strung Out, The Flatliners and Propagandhi as influences, however there is also something a little thrashy about their latest recording.

2. The Ramshackle Army

Melbourne based Celtic punks, The Ramshackle Army are well known to Ragged Press, however this month’s wanderings through Bandcamp just has to mention the new single released by these guys.  “Foreign Soils”,  is the first recording released by the 6 piece in two years and includes enough bitchin’ banjo (and I don’t mean the dueling type), to get the most died in the wool celtic punkers drinking and dancing a jig.

The Ramshackle Army are officially launching the single at the Bendigo Hotel on the 14th of October and are promising an album later this year, but in the meantime wrap your listening gear around this…

a2385883499_103. Under The Influence (U.T.I.)

Wollongong thrashy punk/hardcore outfit, Under The Influence released a new album on Bandcamp last month titled, Wasted Youth and are reportedly working on pressing 200 copies on vinyl, slated for release soon.  Wasted Youth is 11 tracks that demand you throw your body around in the pit.  These veterans of the Wollongong scene certainly know their business.

4. Redneck Nosferatu

0008446394_10From the land of Donald Trump and feral clowns (wait… aren’t they the same thing?) comes Redneck Noferatu.  These self proclaimed Killbilly Trash Punks from the bowels of hell (Tulsa, OK), have just released Don’t Go In The Woods a couple of days ago.  The album comprises of 8 tracks, available for digital download, and every track is a winner.  Well worth checking out if you love your punk rock with liberal lashings of horror themes.  I think I’ll be first  in line if these guys ever come to Australia.

5. Scare

a1871347211_10Lastly, Canadian hardcore punk/crust outfit, Scare have offered up one track, titled Lil Jon vs Satan in anticipation of the October 28th release of the E.P., Fleshed Out.  If you like your ears to leak a little bit of blood, then these guys are worth checking out.


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