E.P. Review Cobra Blood by DoubleBlack

Melbourne psychobilly/rockabilly three piece, DoubleBlack launched their new E.P., “Cobra Blood”, at the Bendigo Hotel on the 14th October.

DoubleBlack have an enviable pedigree with guitarist/vocalist Matt Black holding a near legendary status in the rockabilly/psychobilly scene as a founding member of Melbourne greats, Fireballs. Ably backed by ex The Living End drummer Travis Demsey and double bass veteran Jason Skewes, the trio have created 6 tracks of fat sound, with plenty to please.

The opening track ‘Oh no! Oh yes! Is dominated by the chugging of Skewes’ double bass, coupled with a guitar riff that yells old school rock.  Matt Black’s vocals are what you would expect, clearly articulating the badlands of rock ‘n’ roll.  While the overall tempo of the album is not particularly fast, the rhythm section of Skewes and Demsey are incredibly tight both live and on the recording, providing a really solid back drop to Black’s guitar.

All three members provide vocals and they are accompanied by the soaring counterpoint of Laura Baxter’s voice on the title track Cobra Blood, and also on the 5th track of the album, ‘I Want You’ which was penned by Black along with a number of other members of his previous band, Fez Perez. Additionally, Ivy Healy supplied guest vocals on the opening track ‘Oh no! Oh Yes!’

While tracks one through to three are largely a straight up garage rock/rock-a-billy affair, the fourth track, is an instrumental number titled ‘Jungle Fever’,  and demonstrates a strong surf influence (think the Ventures).  Tracks five and six return to the formula of rhythmic, fat sounding rock.

There is no tricks to this release, no overpowering shock and awe.  What you do hear though, is an extremely well executed piece of work, made by a group of people who love their style of music and certainly know what they are doing.

Verdict:  Great offering. Well suited to playing in your garage while working on your custom car or bike… or failing that put it on in your Barina and feel better about yourself.

 Favourite track: Jungle Fever

 Availability: Available in CD format at shows.  Stay Tuned to DoubleBlack’s Facebook page for upcoming announcements about online purchase.

Review and photos by Matt Gleeson.

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