Gig Review – HOON, Dicey Rileys, Wollongong, 15th October 2016


Ragged Press contributors Lochy Rowe (words) and Rod Manning (images) teamed up to give us the words and pictures to help us all understand the phenomenon that is a HOON show!


Kingsâdo… what can I say. If ‘under rated’ could be personified into a band then Kingsâdo is the epitome of that personification.



The calibre of the songs they casually just spill out into the crowd really doesn’t constitute the amount of gigs they get offered a month. Kingsâdo are one of my favourite Australian bands, I try my hardest to keep personal interest out of my writing but with these guys it’s just too hard. They have a certain flow about them, from the Ol’ switcheroo instrument swap to the way they transition from their up beat ska melodies to super fast technical skate punk and back to an off beat garage grunge groove, really had me scratching my head on Saturday night. They’re not a hard band to follow by any means but their writing style and tricky hooks will definitely keep your brain satisfied.


Legit the worst band in Wollongong. Go see them. AWOL


The Culture Industry

The Culture Industry, only having been together for a year and a half, have already got a bucket load of shows around the state under their belt including opening for Frenzal Rhomb in their home town of Wollongong.


They’re certainly not shy to provide classic offensive stage banter in between their somewhat nostalgic of the grunge era songs. If you’re into screaming catchy chorus’ all night and headbanging to songs about relationships, I confidently recommend The Culture Industry.


“We are Hoon…   We are Hoon..”

The soft spoken chanting continues from exuberant front man Breda as the crowd punch the rest of their durrys and shuffle in. Guitarist Orion crouched next to his pedals, splitting the air and setting the atmosphere in preparation. James on bass, talking with the crowd, having a laugh and supplying subtle groove while the band and crowd eagerly await on Kyle, the drummer, to finish his business in either the dunny or the bar. Drummers right?



Breda’s voice booms through Dicey Rileys and out on to Crown Street. Kyle has navigated his way atop the teetering pool table drum riser and kicks the crowd into motion. With the band all making noise and jamming out, they all meet up and kick off the first song.

I know it’s bad to say, but from there, I don’t really remember much. I think that’s half the appeal of HOON, for me anyway, they make me forget. I know I can always go to their show and once they start playing, I don’t to worry about the normal stress of everyday life. My recollections of their set on Saturday just turn to a blur consisting mostly of flailing body parts, smiles, various liquids, orphan shoes and many, many hugs.

Their psychedelic up beat melodys mixed with their flat out balls the wall garage punk sound, painted Dicey Rileys a nice thick coat of satisfied and left the crowd chanting for more. With the combination of a rock solid backline, professional level song writing and an energetic, crowd surfing front man, they can guarantee you will have a great time at their show. If you enjoy a live show of tapped out music and stage antics exploding with personality then HOON is for you.

Check out the photo gallery for Rod’s full collection of photographs from the night.

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