What Does D.I.Y. Mean To Me? Freedom


An Article by Lochy Rowe

D.I.Y. has such a large impact on how I view the everyday world. As an artist, creating and ‘doing things yourself’, come so naturally it’s hard to understand that some people haven’t found that passion which allows them to learn and create so fluently. I’d imagine a carpenter would have similar feelings toward DIY, if not amplified. Sure all the carpenter’s tables may be a little hinky around the edges because it hasn’t been perfected by a machine, but that’s what makes them his. After time, he finds a passion for his craft allowing him to create intricate pieces that he may never have been able to do without that passion. I guess what I’m trying to say through the roughest craftsman metaphor possible, is that in my experiences with music I’ve only ever done things myself and for that I’ve learned one of the greatest life lessons there is:

An understanding into value of experience. “ It’ll feel better because YOU’VE created it”. 

I’ve met some really great people through my experiences in DIY and Australian music and can’t wait to meet more. There’s a truly genuine feeling about being a musician and watching all of your other mates doing their own thing being musicians as well, there’s plenty of highly skilled all rounders who are in it for the love and not just for the job. To work with your mates in the music industry is something of a dream. Working together toward a shared goal of providing YOUR town with YOUR music under YOUR provisions is all we could ever ask for.

Don’t get me wrong, things can and usually do, get a little tricky when it comes to touring and recording and all you have is some pocket lint for a budget. No one said it was easy doing it yourself, but I can assure you everything is a lot more rewarding. Anyone can save up to splash a bit of money at a bus hire and recording studio they’ve never seen or heard of before to get them started with dates and releases but would it even feel right? If this applies to you or anyone you know, please just do a little more research into making sure that your money at least lands in more genuine hands. I was born too late, into the dormant, mossy remains of what was once a well crafted, sturdy Australian music scene. Sure there’s less culture and MUCH less shows but we can somewhat benefit from the struggles and determination of others following their DIY path. We can soak up their knowledge about their experiences and how they value them, and apply them to our own musical rat race. Whether it’s old mate who eventually opened his studio after years of recording his mates to that sheila who designed all of those posters way back and now is an exhibition artist from them, we could all win.

Ultimately DIY, to me, means freedom. A freedom of expression, a freedom of creativity and a freedom of control. Life’s too short to let someone else do it. I urge you to keep learning, developing, creating and ‘Doing It Yourself’.

Editor’s note:  Lochy Rowe is a sweet dude who plays in a number of bands including AWOL and Killamedic and is also the dude behind Rowe Promotions.  He can be most often seen making a racket at shows around Wollongong.



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