Drunk Krunch Reviews #1: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Goon by Keggin

This is the first in a series of reviews by Drunk Krunch, the inebriated alter ego of Krunchy Knoodle, vocalist for Strawberry Fist Cake and The Krunchy Om-Let Experience and principal of Knoodle Promotions.  For her first review, Drunk Krunch has most fittingly selected a little number by Melbourne purveyors of goon themed punk, Keggin.

Alrighty, so since the inception of Ragged Press I have been promising Matt that I would make contributions. I figure it’s about time I got around to writing something and finally put to use my hard earned writing degree, as it appears I’ll be paying off that HECS debt for the rest of my life. So here it is, my thoughtful, inspired contribution to the literary world – this is the first instalment of “Drunk Krunch Reviews”.

For my first attempt at this, Keggin have kindly offered up their music – it is entirely possible I didn’t actually tell them what it was to be used for, but considering the nature of the band, I’m sure they will approve…

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Goon kicks in with awesome guitar tone followed by a good solid drum build up, and fucking love a good “woo”. Aww shit yeah, Indy reference melding into drinking reference, come at me!

True Keggin fashion, poetic as fuck lyrics, chanty as shit chorus and the obligatory reference to drinking til you spew. Sick as break down, still loving that guitar tone, awesome drums fills, WORSHIP THE SACK!

My only slight criticism would be the song could do with a bit more bass, it seems to be pushed back a bit in the mix – but my speakers aren’t the best and I am kinda maybe a bit drunk. But all round pretty fucking ace, think this is gonna be my new favourite Keggin track.

I rate this 11 out of 7 fireball shots, with a goon chaser.

Cheers to Keggin for unknowingly offering their song for the first installment of Drunk Krunch Reviews.

I am in need of more beverage. Until next time, drink up x. Krunchy

Keggin Residency
Keggin Residency

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