10 of my favourite photos of Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival


Matt Gleeson the editor of Ragged Press and photographer with that other site Sub v2.0 reminisces about taking photos at Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festivals in years past…

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing every Nevermind The Warp’d Festival since it’s inception in 2013.  In a seemingly fated event, I caught up with an old mate of mine online, Box-Ed who announced that after a nearly 20 year break, his band The Outfit were getting out and playing shows again.  I wandered into the Brunny with a camera in hand, not really realising that the event the guys were playing was in fact the first Nevermind The Warp’d Festival.  Although I had to leave the festival early to attend another event, that day still stands as the start of  an ongoing adventure of photographing bands and getting out to listen to some great local music.  Since that time I have shot every subsequent Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival, as well as a number of the associated sideshows.

With the Nevermind The Warp’d Festival 2016 less than a month away, I thought it would be a good time to drag out some of my favourite images from previous festivals and sideshows.

#1: Dixon Cider, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2013


I love this pic of Elle, of Melboure creep punks, Dixon Cider.  Taken with my crappy old Cannon 1100D on the beer garden stage at the Brunswick Hotel, the movement blur of Elle’s hair and her facial expression, both convey how into what she is doing, Elle was at that moment.  Despite having seen Dixon Cider on a number of occasions since and having improved my skills and equipment immeasurably since taking this photograph, I’m yet to take another pic of Elle that even compares to this one.

#2: Box-Ed, The Outfit, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Front Bar Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2013

Box and I were housemates for a short while in the 90’s.  He used to be constantly banging on about this band he used to be in. Fast forward nearly 20 years and The Outfit came out of retirement, playing local shows and releasing a recording of materials they had written all that time ago.  The Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival 2013 was one of the earliest performances post retirement.  I’d never seen the guys play, but they knocked my socks off.  Box-Ed gave it his all, a man of around my age (and maybe not in the best physical shape), throwing himself around with the same passion as some of the younger guys taking the stage.  I blame Box for my subsequent foray into the live music photography world, the late nights, the hours spent editing and publishing and the piss poor pay (and I love you for it brother).  This image was captured part way through The Outfit’s set on the front stage of the Brunswick Hotel.


Again this image was captured using my old Cannon 1100D.  I love how the sweat stands out on Box.  He was halfway though the set, and he only upped the intensity of the show from here.

#3: Bombs Are Falling, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2014

I think this was the first time I ever saw Melbourne fast paced skate punks Bombs Are Falling.  I’d not long upgraded from the Cannon 1100D to a much better 6D.  This front on image with singer Robbie Tolliday in the foreground and the rest of the band in the background is definitely one of my favourite shots of the day.  Little was I to know that I would go on to shoot Bombs Are Falling on a number of occasions, playing supports for The Bennies, Clowns, Anti-Flag, Pennywise, Pears and Strung Out.



#4: Coffin Wolf, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival Sideshow, The Espy Basement, 2014

I remember running between the Prince Of Wales and Esplanade Hotels, in St. Kilda, trying to capture both sideshows in their entirety.  It was a frantic busy night and I had little chance to really take in the bands.  One stand out on the night however was Coffin Wolf.  I love the halo effect the lighting in the Espy’s basement gave to Brayden vocalist and gutarist with Coffin Wolf in this shot.



#5: Jay Wars and The Howard Youth, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2014

This image of Jay and Hayley from Jay Wars and The Howard Youth just captured how much fun they were having.  Enough said.


#6: Dewd, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2015

Tony ‘Dewd’ Heyman can be most often found in front of a stage in a Melbourne music venue.  Dewd is an all round nice guy and I love the sharpness of this pic which really accentuates the sharpness of Dewd himself.  This shot was captured while Dewd was watching someone play on the Beer Garden stage at the 2015 Nevermind the Warp’d Festival.  I couldn’t tell you which band, but Dewd would probably remember as he is like a walking encyclopedia of bands.


#7: Eager 13, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival Sideshow, Beach of Brunswick, 2015

Caz’, lead vocalist of Sydney band Eager 13, eyes just hit you in this shot.  It was the first time I had seen these guys and they were uber fun to shoot in the lighting at Beach of Brunswick.


#8: Joe Guiton and the Suicide Tuesdays, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2015

I just love the composition of this pic.  The neck of Toffer’s bass draws the eye back across the image to his concentrated pose.  In the background, Joe is singing his heart out.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays, but this doesn’t always equate with capturing great images.  I was so happy when I first saw this image.


#9: Dead Joe, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2015

I’d never seen South Australian’s, Dead Joe, prior the Nevermind the Warp’d 2015.  The guys put on a killer set, thanked me for my photographs and then uttered the words…’just make sure they’re in black and white.’  It put a smile on my face.  This image is of a coffin shaped guitar case belonging to the Dead Joe crew, that was stacked near the beer garden stage.


#10: Kev Lobotomi, Nevermind The Warp’d Festival, Beer Garden Stage, The Brunswick Hotel, 2015

I love this image of PBS radio announcer Kev Lobotomi.  Kev presents Shock Treatment on PBS and this image was captured in the Beer Garden during Strawberry Fist Cake’s set.  They had stopped serving pints, hence the long neck jammed into a stubby holder.  In his other hand Kev is holding a vinyl copy of Flangipanis, “Just Because It Fits Doesn’t Mean You Should Fuck It“, which came complete  with a fun time activity book!


To check out all the Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival events for December 2016 click on the banner below.



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