Drunk Krunch Reviews #2: Beautiful Peace by The Murmurs

r-500110-1141512723-jpegDrunk Krunch is full in force tonight! She already had a spat over nothing…seems like the best time for reviewing…….. First thing that comes up on the old book face, The Murmurs, Beautiful Peace.

Actually quite perfect for my mind set currently…. Pretty intro, makes me feel better and worse about myself at the same time…kinda like how my mindset is when I’m trying to look pretty. Ahhhh jebus. “Fly away were a new world waits for you……” – thats exactly where drunk krunch is at right now. Amazing sounding guitars and heartstring lyrics….give me more my loves…. “Always look back though, not to cry and not to regret, just to help who’s left behind” Awwww Delilah. Way to break a little drunks heart. This is exactly what is looked over so often…

This recording has all that is perfect – clean, bright guitars and at the same time clear heart breaking vocals. No need to play anything up with effects of other nonsense. It’s all just heart. The clarity and simplicity of the guitar gives even more depth to the vocals. And the more vocals you hear the more your heart hurts. The harmonies are perfect – almost to a point that the guitar is obsolete because these two voices have discovered exactly where your heart is and what it should be doing right now. Suddenly we went from heart ache and heart break,  and we found this amazing place where these amazing voices are singning how we should feel…Broken, yet unified and somehow still defiant. They really do create a beautiful place, like where a broken piece finds another broken piece and eventually we all fit and make something beautiful…

I’m drunk, I love you all, until next time, drink up xx


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