Gig Review: Bayside, The Corner Hotel, Richmond, 6th November 2016

Words and images by Lewis Nixon

This was Bayside’s first headlining tour of Australia and brought Young Lions (Bris) and Far Away Stables (Syd) along for the ride. I’ve been listening to Bayside since their first record came out and have always been a band I always find myself coming back to when they put out new records so was definitely keen to see them while they were out here. After walking through the door and the FOH playlist was a mixture of Alkaline Trio and Funeral For A Friend I knew I was quickly transformed to being 16 again.  I was told at the door I could only shoot the first 3 songs of Bayside and that’s all but after chatting to the venue they politely allowed me to shoot the whole show until the 3rd song of Bayside was over but sadly this all happened after the opening band The Valley Ends set ended and was a bit upsetting cause they were definitely having a lot of fun up there!

Next up was female fronted pop-punk band The Playbook from good ol’ Melbourne town. Had a lot of fun shooting these guys. They were real good to watch! I may be 26 but I never grew out of the teenage pop-punk phase so I was definitely down for this. Front woman Laura killed it! Good always good to see the band having as much fun as the crowd.

The Playbook
The Playbook

Tour mates Far Away Stables practically stormed the stage and before you know it had everyone at the bar yelling at the bartenders to hurry up so they could run and watch. I’d hadn’t heard the band before I the tour got announced and had a few listens in the run up to the show and wasn’t sure what I’d think but what a show these guys put on!! One to watch for sure!

Far Away Stables

Like Far Away stables I had never listened to Young Lions either but since the show it’s all I have listened to! Before heading to the show I was blasting the newest Trophy Eyes album on the train so was already in the mood for their music without even knowing it.


Sadly for them their lead singer was stuck overseas with passport issues so they had Will Jarratt from Storm The Sky sing lead instead. Honestly, you wouldn’t have even noticed they changed their singer cause he was a natural! Already can’t wait for their next tour down here with Hands Like Houses. Found myself forgetting I was there to take photos a few times and just wanted to watch them play.
Finally, the curtains closed and Bayside got their gear set up and everyone was finding their place for getting the best view. I’ve seen them live before and new they’d be a treat! Opening with a mixture of new and old songs to get everyone young and old in toe. Before I knew it my three songs were up though and was being ushered out of the pit. I snuck around and took a few shots out of the crowd and pushed myself to stop and just watch the band. Found myself singing the words to myself as I stood at the bar alone, like I usually do, with a big smile on my face.



Overall, it was a great night! Always entertaining to see bands you’ve listened to for many years! Hope you all checked them out on their tour.


Pro: Being blown away by bands you hadn’t heard before.

Con: My legs hurt like hell the next day from bending down all night to take photos and missing opportunity to shoot the first band


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