Melbourne hardcore/punk label Age Of Quarrel put the call out for a new compilation album to be released in 2017


Ragged Press editor Matt Gleeson has a quick online chat with Mark Jenkins vocalist with Melbourne hardcore outfit Hand of Fear and co-founder of label, Age of Quarrel Records.

MG: What’s the story behind AOQ Records? 

Mark: Age of Quarrel Records, which steals its name from the brilliant Cro-Mags debut album was formed out of a love for the punk hardcore community and the real need for more D.I.Y. labels. It’s also something I personally have always wanted to do. I have always worshipped low key labels and distros; the passion, the ethic and enthusiasm that thrived in the 90’s thru Spiral Objective, No Deal, Trial and Error etc. Also more recently the most inspiring label with best releases at the moment, Hellburn’s own Life.Lair.Regret Records; this is probably the best passion driven label I’ve come across and great people.

AOQ formed mid 2016 with the hardcore ideal of Passion Not Fashion; driving low key punk, hardcore and whatever we dig, releases of bands from all over the world. The only thing we won’t stand for is any racist,sexist,homophobic content, leave that to El Presidente Trump.

MG: Who are the people behind AOQ?

Mark: Age of Quarrel Records is myself and James(close mate and guitarist in our band Hand Of Fear) who reminisced about the old days and decided let’s just do it. I’m a straight edge Hardcore/Punker and James is a boozy Metalhead.

MG: AOQ have announced an upcoming hardcore compilation to be released in 2017. Any hints to whose going to be on it?  When is it likely to be released? 

Mark: Tons of bands are doing it, just waiting for them to submit everything. I can reveal we have Rebirth, Masochist, Vicious Circle, Bastard Squad, AllxIn, Crisis Alert, The Patient, Overpower, Southpaw, Rust Proof, Plead4Mercy, Staunch, Endless, Christcrusher, Grudge, Level, Substance Abuse, Cast Down, Ganburu, Wolfpack, Shackles, Culture of Ignorance and Debacle to name a few.  Plus a few surprises!!!. It’ll be a great mix of hardcore and punk.

Aim is early 2017 – it will initially be a downloadable album, with the aim of a physical CD release as well.

MG: You have put a call out to bands that want to be on the comp, how do bands go about contacting you?

Mark: Best option is via facebook at Mark AOQ or email us direct at .  All submissions must be in by December 31st  2016.

The track ‘Loyalty’, by Melbourne outfit The Patient has been confirmed for the compilation by Age of Quarrel records to be released early 2017.

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