Bodacious Jesse James of the Udder Ubductees chews the cud with Ragged Press

The one and only Bodacious Jesse James, vocalist and guitarist with Melbourne cow punk outfit, the Udder Ubductees took a few minutes to chat with Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson, and to take in an exhibition of live music photography at the Old Bar shortly before the four piece took the stage down the road at the Lu WOW.

MG: This is Matt Gleeson of Ragged Press, and I’m here with the Bodacious Jesse James from the Udder Ubductees.  How are you mate?

BJJ: Pretty good.

MG: What’s happening in the Udder Ubductees world?

BJJ: What isn’t happening in the Udder Ubductees world?  We’re actually sitting here right now, in a fancy art gallery type situation where there are photos of me on the wall.  It’s fantastic.

MG: True or false.  Is it above a seedy dive bar that lots of punk music gets played in?

BJJ: well of course it’s true.

MG: Very good.  Yes we are at the Old Bar.  So Jesse, I did hear a little rumour, as has most of the world that you guys may have scored a support slot with Nekromantix when they come to Melbourne.

BJJ: The rumour I can confirm is entirely true. It’s not really secret anymore… We’ve been flogging it for the last few weeks and so has The Drunk Promoter.


MG: Yeah, but I’m trying to sell this as a Ragged Press Exclusive mate.

BJJ: Well it is, because not everyone gets to interview me.

MG: Well that’s true. I also know through previous conversations, you’re a huge Nekromantix fan.  Is that correct?

BJJ: It’s an incredible influence on my style of music and the sense of humour in my music.

MG: Udder Ubductees really does have a sense of humour.  For people who haven’t seen or heard the Udder Ubductees, how do we best explain them?

BJJ: I coined the term pastuerised party punk.  We play songs about cows, other things of the bovine persuasion and UFOs, and there’s a whole lot of innuendo in there.

MG: What kind of innuendo?

BJJ: All sexual.

MG: Ah cool, I was getting worried there. I thought it might be something else. So you guys have some recordings on Bandcamp…

BJJ: Yes.  We have three tracks up on Bandcamp and we are sitting on the next four tracks, which will mean seven full tracks.

MG: Any plans for a recording release soon?

BJJ: Yes. Like I said we’re sitting on the next four tracks and we will be hopefully printing them out in the next few weeks in time for our Brisbane foray.

MG: Yes is that Brisbagedon?

BJJ: Something like that.

MG: Who are you playing with up there?

BJJ: Everyones favourite – Flangipanis, about three other bands with members of the Flangipanis, SLOJ, King Kongo, and a few new groups who I haven’t… they may not be new, they may have been around Brisbane for a long time, but they’re new to me.


MG: And True or false. If you were to happen along to the Nevermind The Warp’d Festival this year, you would see the Flangipanis, SLOJ and King Kongo.

BJJ: You absolutely would.

MG: And is Udder Ubductees on the bill this year?

BJJ: Udder Ubductees is on the bill this year. We will be celebrating our first birthday at Nevermind The Warp’d tour.

MG: And will you be playing in any of the sideshows?

BJJ: No we won’t be on the sideshows.  That’s for bands who aren’t playing Warp’d.


MG: In five words or less, sum up why someone should come to an Udder Ubductees show.

BJJ: We’re the fucking best.

MG: Beautiful.  Thanks for your time.

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