Razor Blade Fest IV : Resurgence, The Bald Faced Stag, Leichhardt, 11th November 2016

This year Jet from Slapdash Records & Promotions , brought back to life Razors Blade Fest , after having a year off , it came back with a bang and held at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues, The Bald Face Stag. With killer line up of well know punk and metal bands, I was lucky to get the opportunity to go and shoot this event!


The night kicked of with Nudist Colonies of the World , with there punk rock sound , loud songs and catchy lyrics its just the right way to start of the night.


Second up, was Sydney punk rockers Batfoot! with their fast melodic punk rock sound. This was my second time seeing them play. Really awesome show.  Batfoot! are like Green Day meets  the Ramones, putting 100% all the time.



Following Batfoot was Western Sydney punk rockesr Speedball, fusing punk rock and metal together effortlessly. It just makes you what to just mosh.  Speedball also on their Back From the Dead tour – go and see the play somewhere near you – you will not be disappointed!


Next up was all metal band Temtris , a female fronted metal band with true trash metal sound and dirty female vocals.  A really cool to see and a true Sydney metal band , which I have not seen in a long time.


Headlining and all the way from Melbourne was the Fireballs. Wow it was good to see these guys play with where metal/ psychobilly sound, and that big double bass sound just wow!!! So good to see. It was a highlight of the year see the Fireballs up close.

Word and Images by Rod Manning


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