Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival 2016 Interview Series – Jodie, Flangipanis

Last month Ragged Press announced that Queensland’s Flangipanis had just been confirmed as a late addition to the Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival lineup for 2016. In this interview editor, Matt Gleeson caught up with Jodie, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, to chat about shirt swapping, killer tampons, the release of their new single and of course the Flangipanis’ upcoming visit to Melbourne to appear at Nevermind The Warp’d.

 MG: Hey Jodie, thanks for taking the time to do an interview with Ragged Press.  First question: Flangipanis in five words or less.

Jodie: Muddy, Brisbane punk band, beer…

MG: Sounds good to me. You guys released a new single last month, ‘Double Standards’.  Tell us what the song is about.

Jodie: I actually didn’t write any of the lyrics.  All of the lyrics are just things that men have said to me over the course of however many years playing shows.  The only thing that I wrote is ‘suck my dick’, that’s the only lyric I’ve put in there, everything else is just things…  There was one main guy who pulled me aside one day and he made sure none of his friends were around, he even said to me, ‘now that no one’s around I just got to tell you something… Aw I fucking hate chick singers, but you know you, you’re pretty good for a girl’, and he genuinely meant it.  He really, really meant it and he really went out of his way to give me a compliment that was out of his comfort zone to do.  I didn’t slam him for it, because you know, I didn’t want to deter him from making, I don’t know, I guess a positive step, but yeah, it was pretty fucking funny.  I didn’t know what else to say.  He was the main one, but there has been heaps of dudes, so I just collated all the things that people have said over the years and slapped them in a song.

MG: It’s a bit sad isn’t it?

Jodie: Yeah (laughing).

MG: So my understanding is that single is part of a new E.P. that we can expect coming out at some stage.  When can we expect it Jodie?

Jodie: Probably January.

MG: More importantly, will this one come with activities to do as well?

Jodie: I think that’s a really good idea.  The E.P. is called ‘Sports Ball”, so we might actually invent some games and put the rules of the games in there.  So not quite an activity booklet, but like an activity you have to do.


MG: I’m comfortable with colouring in, and dot to dots, I don’t know about if Flangipanis ask me to engage in sport, I might have to stop following you guys.

Jodie: We used to do a thing every CD launch, where we would do the Beer Olympics, so it was just stupid games, not all of them drinking.  We had to include people who didn’t drink as well.  Not all of them were just sculling beer.  One of my favourite ones was the ‘Koala Race’, where you get one person in the middle and then two people jump on either side of them like a koala and they hang on, so one person is effectively holding two people and they have got to race.  We stopped doing that one because people got hurt… We stopped doing a lot of them because people got hurt!

MG: I think I’d have to stop eating cheeseburgers or I’d have a heart attack doing that. You guys always seem to have fun on stage (and off stage I might add).  Where do you get all that bloody energy from?

Jodie: Alcohol…


Jodie: I don’t know.  You’ve got to put it somewhere.  I don’t know where it comes from… angst.  All that anger and frustration.

MG: Well I’m glad that you’re mentioning angst and other kinds of emotions because I have to have a serious discussion with you Jodie.  Ever since I saw the video for ‘My Period Is Late’, I’ve been experiencing nightmares about evil killer tampons.  Do I need to see a shrink?

Jodie: No, just check your bathroom before you go to bed every night.

MG: OK… I’m closing the door to the ensuite definitely tonight. But seriously it seems that your music videos, your songs, even the humour that is demonstrated in your band merch, seems to strike a chord with Australian punk audiences.  Why do reckon that is?

Jodie: Well we’re just punters really.  We just do what we like to see. It’s like South Park don’t have any… what’s it called… review things. They don’t get any audience participation or feedback, they just do what they think is funny. It’s kind of like that. We’re genuinely just punters and we go to heaps of shows, so we just do what we like.

A good example of a Flangipanis t-shirt
A good example of a Flangipanis t-shirt

MG: It’s interesting because as you know I’m a photographer, and there’s been the odd time where I’ve photographed somebody wearing a Flangipanis’ t-shirt for example, and the photos always get an amazing response to the messages on the t-shirt, not the necessarily the photo, but to the messages on the t-shirt. It obviously taps into people’s sense of humour and even some of their serious thoughts too I imagine. You guys are no strangers to Melbourne…

Jodie: No

MG: (Laughing) I know, because I keep seeing you here! Any bands you are particularly looking forward to seeing again?

Jodie: Um….. Yes…. I haven’t got the bill in front of me, I haven’t looked at it. I actually just like seeing the people and I can never remember what band they are in.  My favourite Melbourne band is probably Shadow League to be honest. (I Am Duck Eye also got a mention post the interview).

MG: They are not playing.

Jodie: I love those guys forever, but yeah I know they’re not playing, but they will probably be there, so I will get to see them. So I will not get to see the band, but I’ll get to see the people and that’s one of the things I really enjoy about going to Melbourne. The faces.

MG: Actually, I got some great photos of I think Dave Brown (Shadow League) and it was  either Josh (Flangipanis) or Paulie (Flangipanis). I think it was with Paulie actually, from last year’s Nevermind The Warp’d, pretty sure it was… or one of the festivals.

Jodie: Yeah that was epic!

L-R; Dave from Shadow League and Paulie from Flangipanis at Nevermind The Warp'd 2015
L-R: Dave from Shadow League and Paulie from Flangipanis at Nevermind The Warp’d 2015


MG: Yes. It was epic!  I’m asking this of all the bands that are playing the Nevermind The Warp’d bill that I’m interviewing.  What’s the nicest thing that the Nevermind The Warp’d audience can do for the Flangipanis?

Jodie: Take your shirts off.

MG: They do that anyway, don’t they?

Jodie: Yeah, yeah or swap them.  I really enjoy clothes swapping.

MG: Alright, we’ll see what we can arrange.

Jodie: A whole crowd shirt swap.  That would be the nicest thing ever.

MG: But what if I’ve just bought my brand new Flangipanis t-shirt?  I mightn’t want to swap it with somebody else.

Jodie: Well because that will be your spare if you just bought it, because then you’ll be wearing it to the show.

MG: True

Jodie: That’s a thing I always do. Always make sure you go out wearing a shirt that you’re OK to lose.

MG Alright. That’s life tips 101 from Jodie of the Flangipanis.  Look I’ll let you get to your show mate, but thanks for giving us a bit of your time and I look forward to catching up with you, when you guys get down.




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