Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival 2016 Interview Series – Tommy, The Wrath

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson caught up with Tommy from The Wrath shortly after the band’s return from a tour of Japan to discuss their new single and their forthcoming appearance at the Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival.

MG: Thanks for giving me a bit of time to do this Tommy.  First of all what can people expect from a set by The Wrath?

Tommy:  You’re going to see a band that’s probably one of the most energetic bands that you’ve seen.  It’s pretty much what we pride ourselves on really.  We’re quite unique I guess, as in there is a lot of different influences there and we’ve got the double bass too obviously and there is not many of them getting around.  Yeah, I guess we’ve got a whole heap of punk rock backgrounds as well.  It’s hard to put a finger on what actual genre we are. We’ve done a bunch of interviews and one will say we’re a punk band, one will say we’re a metal band, and that’s cool too as we try and do our own thing.

MG: The band members have obviously played with a number of other bands too, right across different genres as well.

Tommy:  Yeah, that’s right.  Yeah, the song writing gets pretty wide.  Everyone has different influences, so it’s cool.

MG: And you guys just got back from Japan.  What was it like playing there?

Tommy:  It was awesome. Japan just… their crazy mate.  The punters that come along are just one hundred percent, they just participate.  The front, the back, the promoters, I can’t say anything bad about the place.  You know the promoters are just on, the sound, the lighting.  We’ve got a lot to learn.

MG: Yeah right.  I did see some video footage and it looked pretty wild.

Tommy:  Yeah it was great.  It was great to play with a lot of different bands as well.  It’s cool to check out what’s going on over there.  It was just great.  One of the best tours we’ve done I reckon, for sure.

MG: And you played six nights in a row over there, how do you keep your shit together during something that intense?

Tommy:  We have done longer in the past. I don’t know, you just get into tour mode.  You get it done.  There’s ups and downs, especially when there’s a bit of alcohol involved and then there’s late nights, but yeah you get the job done. That’s what we’re built for mate. Love it!

MG: Does anybody in the band speak Japanese?

Tommy:  aw… Not very well.  That was our first Wrath tour, but me and Deano have been over before with Kill The Apprentice, and I’ve been over just to check it out.  This was how organised our promoters and our tour managers are.  They wrote up a couple of pages of phrases to say while on stage.  You know, how to say a bunch of things, how to say ‘come to the front’, how to say ‘circle pit’, and if you’ve got half a dozen… a dozen phrases, you’re pretty good to go.

MG: It’s also been announced that you guys will be playing support for Nekromantix when they come to Australia.  You’re playing a Black Friday in January at the Crowbar.  You must be pretty pumped about that?

Tommy: Yeah.  It will be great.  That’s a band we definitely look up to.  We’ve played with them before when they’ve come to Australia, so it will be good to catch up with them and yeah, get it done again.  Their definitely a band we look up to, so that will be super exciting.


MG: Literally just a couple of minutes before I got on the phone before this interview, I noticed that you guys have just released a single, ‘Blood On Your Hands’.

Tommy:  Yep, we released that just before we went on tour of Japan.  That’s the second single of the latest album.  We did all the editing, Deano and the band did all that, and we shot basically ourselves and yeah it’s good to get that one out.

MG: So tell us a bit about the single.  It’s been characterised as anti-government.  What’s the song actually about?

Tommy:  I just wrote that in observation of a lot of the stuff that’s been going on, especially in our hometown.  There’s a lot of controversy which… it’s pretty plain to see that there’s people backing councilors and those people are getting what they want through their donations and it’s getting to a point where it’s not even… you know their blatantly doing it, and you can see that through all levels of government, with you know, what’s happening with the coal industry, and you only have to look at who’s lobbying and who’s backing who, and you can see where the policies are getting derived from.  Yeah, it’s making a mockery of the public and democracy.  It’s not even democracy.  You can buy whatever you want and it’s clear as day what’s happening in our town here in the Gold Coast with some of the development going on.

MG: So a final question Tommy, and I’m asking all the bands this:  what’s the nicest thing that Nevermind The Warp’d audiences can do for the Wrath?

Tommy:  The nicest thing would be to come check us out obviously and probably buy us a beer on the day.  That would be the nicest thing, or come down and check out the new album and buy that, but we’re looking forward to just getting down there and meeting up with a bunch of friends that are on the bill as well.  Nevermind the Warp’d is just an awesome day every year, so it’s cool to be a part of it.  We can’t wait to get down there.

MG:  Look mate thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to catching up with you, when you guys get down here.

You can catch The Wrath at:




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