Scott Reynolds sideshows announced

Ragged Press editor and photographer, Matt Gleeson, had the pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter Scott Reynolds earlier this year in the lead up to the pop punk veteran’s tour of Australia in support of Anti-Flag.

Reynolds musical endeavours were most prominently noted in the early 90’s as vocalist for US pop punks, ALL, performing alongside the remnants of The Descendants after that  band had gone into hiatus in the late 1980’s.  Leaving ALL in 1993, Reynolds continued to pursue music on a smaller scale, working it around the commitments to family and other aspects of his life.  More than twenty years later Reynolds intimates that with much of his commitments to family met and with reduced responsibilities, he is ready to travel extensively and just play music.

Scott described his current material as ‘not typical singer/song writer stuff’, and full expected that his performances during the For Blood and Empire tour to defy expectations, noting that his materials were much more jazz and swing influenced than people might expect.

Having attended the Melbourne leg of the Anti-Flag tour, and witnessing Reynolds set, it did present as somewhat quirky with Reynolds appearing on stage alone with a nylon stringed acoustic guitar, performing a mixture of covers including songs by the Ramones and the Misfits, along with a number of original songs.  His performance was sandwiched between the high energy, fully electric sets of local three piece Wolfpack and head liners, Anti-Flag.  Reynolds vocal tones, quirky and inventive interpretations and self-effacing and humble attitude all endeared him to the audience however, making what could have been potentially awkward into something that was unexpected and yet still appealing to hear.

Without a doubt however, Reynolds performances are more likely to come into their own in a more intimate setting and thankfully, Destroy All Lines has just announced a series of three east coast sideshows, with Reynolds being ably supported by some fantastic local talent.

Tuesday, December 13: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Laura Mardon
Emmy Hour
Hanny J

Wednesday, December 14: Valve Bar, Sydney

Hey Lady
Jamie Hay
Tim Hampshire
Josh Arentz

Thursday, December 15: Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

Tim Hampshire
Shadow League
Joe Guiton

Tickets on sale now!


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