Hy-Fest, (featuring King Parrot, Hy-Test, Front End Loader & much, much more!) Dicey Rileys, Wollongong, 10th December 2016

Hy-Fest is big yearly event held at Diceys in Wollongong.  This amazing event is put on by Warren from Helter Smelter Bookings and Promotions and local party punks Hy-Test, who started this event back in 2011,

This years line up was nothing short of awesome.

With Maggot kicking off the festival, you just know it going a wild day of music and Maggot did not disappoint with their really heavy punk rock sound and Lowki’s killer voice.

Baby Machine was next band on with there all female heavy rock’n’roll sound and fun show keep us rocking.

Skinpin, a favourite with their fast paced punk rock, killer lyrics, killer super fast riffs and amazing drumming , can’t go wrong seeing these guys play.

Flour another cool punk rock band with loud guitars and punchy drum sounds.

The Vee Bees are a funtime band with a cool heavy rocking punk sound. Always love seeing them play!

Dead, are a bass heavy, punk rock duo, with big bass guitar sound and with some killer drumming. That’s right just bass guitar and drums it was awesome!


 The Dead Rats – these guys are all ways on point, every time I see them! Just awesome punk, metal sound, big vocals, and killer guitar sound, all matched up with amazing drumming.

Batpiss, made the trip from Melbourne to play Hy-Fest with their rigid and unyielding cataclysm of dirty rock, sludge punk rock sound. Two thumbs up.

  Front End Loader! That’s right Front End Loader! I was just a youngster when I saw these guys play last, and nothing has changed. Just as good as I remember. They are just one cool as, rocking punk rock band.

Hy-Test are the the local party punkers that started this festival way back in 2011. If you have not seen these guys play before you are missing out. One of my favourite old school punk rock bands . Go see them and you will know what I’m on about .

King Parrot, this years head liners were heavy as! Grind core, thrashing, punk rock sound and wild show. The crowd just went off!

Words and images by Rod Manning.


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