Matt’s Bandcamp Picks #2 – 5 compilations / 306 tracks to kick off 2017

Compilation albums have always been a great way to discover new music and in the last few weeks Bandcamp has offered up some rich finds.   In his second offering of the semi regular series of Bandcamp picks articles, Matt explores 5 recent compilation releases on Bandcamp.

IPC Volume 2


Released on Bandcamp on January 1st by the Illinois based International Punk Community (IPC), IPC Volume 2 follows up on the 2016 June release and contains 19 tracks, including a couple of tracks by Aussies, Strawberry Fist Cake, Baron Samedi and Myrtle Place.  As an added bonus the comp is available as a free download!

What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol.1


Love your punk with a touch of horn? Well this may well be the compilation for you! Containing a massive 134 ska tracks, What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol.1 is a must have for any ska lovers out there, and an absolute bargain for a measly $7.00 (U.S.).  Released on January 8 and billed as possibly the largest ska related compilation ever, What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol.1 has something for everyone, from slow dub influenced numbers to the fast paced satire normally associated with more commercially successful ska bands of the 90’s.  Check it out.

Pissed Off Radio Comp Volume IV


Pissed Off Radio is an internet radio show hailing from New York.  This tasty little compilation released January 16 is available for download for $10.00 (U.S.) with funds raised from sales going to cancer charities.  Featuring 85 tracks of punk, metal, hardcore and Oi!, Pissed Off Radio Comp Volume IV is for the punter with an eclectic taste.


Making A Scene 2016 Editions 1 and 2


PP Promo Records in San Diego released two compilations aptly titled Edition 1 and Edition 2 on New Year’s Eve and have made them available as name your price download. In total, the two comps feature 68 tracks of punk goodness including Ragged Press favourites Strawberry Fist Cake!


There you go! 306 tracks of Punk/Oi!/Ska/Hardcore nastiness to sink your earholes into.

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