Clowns play Diceys, 20th January 2017

Helter Smelter Bookings & Promotions along with The Drunk Promoter were heaps stoked to announce that Clowns would be playing at Diceys for a free show , as a part of their ‘Dead in the Summer’ tour.

After a relentless tour schedule in 2016 on the back of the release of their highly acclaimed record ‘ Bad Blood ‘ ( Poison City Records ), the Clowns look to be hitting the the road again in 2017, bringing their skater, thrash punk sound and bring a little bit of craziness to towns on the coast, supported by their good buds Kill Dirty Youth. Kill Dirty Youth, are a sonic mix who sound like Nirvana meets Sound Garden. Kill Dirty Youth brought a killer show to Wollongong in Support of the Clowns.

Additional local supports were whoHoon and Legal Aliens. Both local bands brought a n in your face start to the party!

Images and words by Rod Manning.

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