Hy-Test EP Launch Show, Dicey Rileys, Wollongong, 27th January 2017

Another awesome show at Diceys in Wollongong brought to you by Helter Smelter Bookings and Promotions, starring local favourites Hy-Test who were releasing a new EP onto the world.  Hy-Test played some of their old fuzz punk songs that everyone knows and loves, along with some new killer songs thrown in that just blow my mind.  Their new songs are just cool down and dirty fuzzy punk rock, big fuzzy rocking guitar sounds backed up with killer lyrics and big vocals . So get your ass to their Bandcamp page and download the new EP CTFO.  It will keep you dancing all night long.

But before these guys came out to blow us way, there were two other bands of equal awesomeness and kicking the show off was Meat Cake which also have a new EP out. Meat Cake are probably one of the coolest, heavy as hell rock’n’roll bands with funny lyrics and heavy rocking guitar sounds. These guys just have fun on stage and put on an awesome show to boot.

Following Meat Cake were Lord Sword, These guys have just release an LP. The first time I saw them play I was blown away. I think everyone at Diceys was too , just standing there in shock , while they ripped Diceys a new one with a Satan worshiping, heavy as fuck, rock’n’roll metal sound, big heavy guitar and even bigger vocals. Just wow!

What an amazing night with killer bands.  Thanks to all that came and saw and have their ear holes torn apart.  Make sure you go out and get yourself some new awesome tunes, and support the little guys that are putting out killer music.

Words and images by Rod Manning.

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