Review: Flangipanis – Sportsball E.P. Tour – New South Wales, 24th and 25th March 2017

Ragged Press’ Rod Manning chased Brisbane’s Flangipanis around New South Wales, in an effort to learn the secret art of Sportsball…

Flangipanis from Brisbane brought their Sportsball E.P. tour to New South Wales in March, playing two shows: Pyrate House in Sydney and Dicey’s in Wollongong.

I was lucky to get to hang out with them, catching up with some of the nicest people in punk rock and getting to hear their new E.P.

Wow the new stuff is awesome! The E.P. showcases a punk rock sound complete with fun lyrics about all the cool things in life, like getting fucked up, fucking and of course… sportsball… Oh and drinking too!

Sydney speedsters, Skinpin were along for the ride, playing support at both New South Wales shows of the tour.

The Friday night show at the Pyrate House show kicked off with a bang, with Rk Ally, a female fronted heavy, grungy rock band, followed by heavy as, in your face punk rockers Swine, and then it was the speedsters Skinpin’s turn, with fast as clean punk rock sound and killer lyrics.  Just when everyone had cooled down Cap a Capo came out and got everyone up and dancing with their heavy/a little folky/ all punk rock sound.

Ok one or two Redbulls and it was the next night, out doing it all again this time at Diceys in Wollongong. The Culture Industry got the night rocking, bringing there cool and dirty grunge rock. Next up, hard core punk rockers and all way killer, Rukus and then it was time for the one, two punch of Skinpin and Flangipanis.

All in all a killer weekend!

Stay tuned for full picture galleries of all the bands that played the NSW leg of the Flangipanis Sportsball E.P. Tour’.

Photos and words by Rod Manning.

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