Where do sheep go to have fun? Hanging with the new Strawberry Fist Cake line up.

Where do sheep hang out for fun?  The baa!

If you thought that dad joke was bad, try driving 1700 kilometres or so with Melbourne drunk punx, Strawberry Fist Cake.  Setting out on a 3 night, 3 show, roadtrip titled the “What Could Go Wrong Weekender”, Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson accompanied the band as they played shows in Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne over the space of 48 hours.

L-R; Skillet, Om-j Whey-Defistar, Jimmy-Jack-Steve and Krunchy Mc Slutface

While the highlight might not have been the endless stream of dad jokes during the drive, it was a good chance to check out the band’s new line up (although the dad jokes were pretty fucking good!).  While founding members Om-j Whey DeFistar and Krunchy Mc Slutface have remained, the rhythm section is all new, comprising of Skillet (The Cruntburgers) on bass and Jimmy-Jack-Steve (12FU) on drums.

Newest members Jimmy -Jack-Steve and Skillet getting some selfie action
Skillet demonstrating the smallness of his bladder

The new line up brings a greater pace to the band as they rip through old favourites and new songs at a cracking speed, lead by Jimmy-Jack Steve’s rapid striking of the skins.  Skillet’s animated presence on stage and strong backing vocals have also added further depth to the ratbag band’s stage presence (which almost makes up for his extremely small bladder necessitating frequent stops by the side of the road, and don’t get me started on his cake baking abilities).

While I hesitate to say that the band is improved or lessened by the line-up changes, I would suggest that the group has been re-energised and refocused, with a planned follow up to last year’s tour of North America in the works and a new E.P. already recorded and slated for launch in June.  These guys have not wasted any time introducing the latest members of the drunk punx cadre to audiences both local and afar.

You can check out all the What Could Go Wrong Weekender photo galleries here.


(P.S.  It appears that former Fist Cake drummer Crazy has taken up duties with The Cruntburgers, which begs the question of whether there is some kind of AFL style trading going on in the Melbourne punk scene!)

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