Udder Ubductees welcome Mooticia the Destroyer

Bye Bye Clanky! We’ll miss you!!!

Melbourne’s bovine and alien abduction themed Udder Ubductees sadly announced the departure of iconic bass player Clanky the Cow earlier this year.   Clanky  was most often seen centre stage during Udder Ubductees performances complete with her pink rock-a-billy tresses and of course the obligatory horns.  Clanky’s hooves were always going to be big ones to fill.

Whilst devotees to the cult that is the Udder Ubductees were certainly saddened to hear of Clanky’s departure, the group announced via a Facebook post  earlier this evening that the search for her replacement has ended.

Introducing Mooticia the Destroyer, the first goth member of the Udder Ubductees!  Speaking to members of Udder Ubductees earlier in the week it appears that Mooticia is a natural fit with the band and she certainly seemed to take to her new set of horns with the same sense of humour as the rest of the band when RP’s Matt Gleeson did a promo shoot for the group.


Welcome to Mooticia The Destroyer

You can catch Mooticia’s debut public performance with the Udder Ubductees at the Wolfpack USA Send Off Show on April 21st at the Brunswick Hotel, alongside WolfPack, Australian Kingswood Factory, Tough Boys and Master Beta.


Header image graphics by Crow Designs.

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