The Resignators / Los Kung Fu Monkeys Australian Tour, April 2017

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson checked out the Anzac eve date of The Resignator’s / Los Kung Fu Monkey’s Australian tour and got his ska on!

The Resignators are currently touring in support of the release of their new single ‘Party Dates’.  In a special treat, the Australian ska veterans have been performing tour dates alongside the Mexican/Canuck ska outfit Los Kung Fu Monkeys.  The two bands completed a North American tour last year and seem a great fit for an Australian tour.

Party Dates is the first single from The Resignator’s upcoming album and the band describes the release as a “…little bit of a departure from their previous three efforts (Time Decays, See You in Hell and Down in Flames) with less up strokes and more energy, driven by hard hitting punk rythms…”

The 9 piece ska band definitely seemed to have a metric shit ton of fun on Anzac Day Eve, playing old favourites, tunes from the upcoming album and a number of covers including Stevie Wright’s Evie Parts 1,2 and 3.  If you’ve never seen a ska band perform this seminal Australian rock masterpiece… well you really, really should!  Guests Los Kung Fu Monkeys also joined the Aussies on stage at several points to add a little extra gusto to backing vocals.

Party Dates is available as a digital download or as a limited edition 7″ vinyl release with the band’s cover of the classic “My Pal”on the b-side.

Los Kung Fu Monkeys

Los Kung Fu Monkeys matched The Resignators for sheer energy and fun times, knocking out a host of energetic and catchy tunes.  The band performs in both English and Spanish and vocalist, Bang Bang exhorted the audience to get amongst it.  It’s fair to say that Los Kung Fu Monkeys offer up one of the most energetic ska shows I’ve seen and the audience responded in kind.  Los Kung Fu Monkeys are travelling the country sans their horn section but were ably supported by a local two piece brass section, rounding out the bands ska sound.  This is band that should not be missed and I was left one of those dumb smiles on my face at the end of their set


Remaining Tour Dates

Look out Brisbane and Sydney – Get your ska on!!!!


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