Punx Picnic – Sydney 2017

Ragged Press’ Rod Manning set off with a camera to capture the Punx Picnic in Sydney.  We think he might have had a good time!

I made my way to this year’s Punks Picnic and could not ask for better weather. This amazing event is put on by Katy Kaos and held in Sydney Park right near the smoke stacks.  With a cool back drop and a killer line up of punk bands, I knew I was going to be in for a fun day in the sun listening to some rebellious punk rock.  Katy Kaos started the day off with her two piece band bringing some cool punk rock vibes.

Katy Kaos

Rude Rahlis from Wollongong were up next. Even with their lead singer missing in action, they still managed to put on a fun show for us all.

Rude Rahlis

Following on from Rude Rahlis, Thee Evil Twin brought  some cool garage drunk punk rock, then came a band called Chaos, a cool old school grunge punk rock band that lived up to the name and brought a little bit of chaos.

Thee Evil Twin

After the crowd had settled down a bit, Blackrats started up and got the raucous crowd up and going again with their in your face, heavy punk rock sound.


Just when you though it could not get any more wild (fun) the Rukus boys from the ‘Gong came and tore the crowd a new one, with their killer old school, heavy as, in your face punk rock. The crowd just went nuts for these guys.



As the sun was setting out came Raygun Rampage to try and settle down the masses of people with a rad punkabilly sound, but it did not work.  The Rayguns just kept the crowd going, with the double bass thumping and backed up with killer female vocals.

Raygun Rampage


Wow it was an amazing day big thank goes out to Katy Kaos! Looking forward to the next one in September.


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