Interview with Matty G about his Magic Anvil

Devon our international man of mystery struck again, this time interviewing our very own Matt Gleeson about the most ridiculous band in the world…

Howard Stern made a movie to become the King of All Media.  Now Ragged PressMatty G is branching out from being a photographer, writer, band road counsellor and webmaster to perform on stage.  I believe this is his bid to become the King of All Melbourne Punk.  To not discuss this at all I caught up with Matty G of Matty G and His Magic Anvil.

Me:  You have a magic picture box and a magic anvil?  Why are you hogging all the magic items?

MG:  Ha ha! It’s the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles geek in me.

Me:  Who would win in a fight, Thor’s hammer or your anvil?

MG:  Depends what the competition was.  If it was for worst band in the world, the magic anvil would win every time

Me:  What instrument does the anvil play?

MG:  It is the instrument!  But strangely never played in a metal band.

Me:  That doesn’t sound as magical as I was envisioning.  I thought it would be your bassist or something.

MG:  Magic is an illusion my friend, but I may have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Me:  Wait, you have a magic picture box, anvil AND sleeve?  You really are a magic hog.  If you and MC Reynolds are on stage, who will document the occasion?

MG:  Ha ha!  Rod Manning is flying down from Sydney to capture the occasion.  And I maybe able to manage the odd selfie with my small magic picture box.

Me:  You have two magic picture boxes???

MG:  I have about five magic picture boxes last time I counted.  No wonder I’m broke.

Me:  Magic hog. Who’s your anvil’s favourite wrestler?

MG:  The anvil is more into croquet than wrestling, but if he had to pick, he’s pretty old school so it would have to be Hulk Hogan.  Hang on.  Wait a minute are you interviewing the magic anvil?

Me:  Why would I ask your anvil who your anvil’s favourite wrestler is? I would just ask “Who’s your favourite wrestler?”  And are you sure it’s Hulk Hogan and not Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart?

MG:  Nah, I still love Hulk.  Come to think of it we should probably hire some wrestlers for roadie duties… anvils are heavy.

Me:  I didn’t ask who your favourite wrestler is! I want to know who your anvil’s favourite wrestler is.  Quit dodging the tough questions!

MG:  Oh, in that case the anvil isn’t really into wrestling – croquet is his game… something about the mallets I think.  He’s also into synchronised swimming… but he’s not very good at it.

Me:  But you said if your anvil had to pick it’d be Hulk Hogan, which is also the wrestler you keep trying to tell me about your own affinity for. Are you just transferring your favourite wrestler to your anvil? Let your anvil choose its own favourite wrestler!  Quit oppressing your anvil!

MG:  Hey, I hit the anvil with solid objects… for fun…. I think we went WAY past oppression a long time ago (which BTW kids is not cool).

Me:  Hmmmm…How did your anvil get its magic powers?

MG: Well, that’s a story in itself. It was just an ordinary anvil until one day a lowly blacksmith’s apprentice spilled crumbs from his unicorn, dolphin, bacon and banana sandwich on the anvil. The sandwich had been made for the apprentice by his great aunty who also just happened to be a voodoo witch from the deep south… you know, Tasmania.  The rest, as they say, is history.

 Me:  What’s the most magical thing you’ve seen your anvil do?

MG:  The anvil is the founding member of the band. I think you’d have to agree that founding the worst cabaret lounge jazz punk act in the world is a pretty magical thing for an inanimate object to do.  I was just sitting at home one day and then Matty G and His Magic Anvil was being listed on the BirthFest bill.  It had to be the anvil’s doing.

Me:  Will you be covering the theme to Monkey but changing the word “monkey” to “anvil”?

MG:  Not that I know of.  The anvil hasn’t given me my instructions yet, but I’m guessing with a Mississippi Delta Blues Man like Hank ‘Bones’ Jones Junior, Rockabilly Rioter Rowdy and guitar god Willie Wontee on board… well anything is possible.  Not to Mention MC Reynolds and his duck caller.

Me:  I once formed a band called Devon and Frying Pan, but we never played a gig.  Do you think it was because my frying pan wasn’t magic?

MG:  A distinct possibility, but not all bands have to be magical. Mind you after BirthFest we may never play again…

Me:  Maybe the anvil will go solo?  How does your anvil feel about anvils’ roles in cartoons?

MG:  A huge fan, especially when the anvils brain coyotes… the anvil has a bit of a sadistic streak.  He’s also a share holder in ACME

Me:  Anything else you’d like to ad?

MG:  Come down to BirthFest early and pelt fruit (particularly bananas) at the anvil… he loves that.

Matty G and His Magic Anvil (featuring MC Reynolds and his duck caller) make their first, and quite probably last, appearance on 20 May at the Brunny.

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