Monkey Grip set to launch new album, Never Land

Melbourne’s very own Monkey Grip are all set to launch their brand new shiny E.P. “Neverland” with a launch show at The Retreat Hotel on Friday May 12th.

The CD is set to burn your earholes with 7 tracks of Monkey Grip goodness and if the demo tracks released on Bandcamp earlier this year are any indication, be ready for soaring guitars and fast paced drums reminiscent of earlier times in the Melbourne punk scene, coupled with the desperate growl of Kim Croxford’s voice which demonstrates a great dynamic range.

Recorded with Paul Maybury at A Secret Location Sound Recorders, the band asserts that the new recording “…  grapples with the frustrated, dysfunctional relationship between desire and gender stereotypes.”

Monkey Grip will be joined by kickass alt rock/pop punk duo Mannequin Death Squad, energetic party punx Jerkbeast, and grunge outfit Thrasher Jynx.  Entry is free.

Photo Credit: Photoyunist:

Cover Art: Jefrey Rudolf

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