Review; Unbroken by Companion

Unrelenting, in your face, anthematic, real heavy hardcore. That’s the essence of Companion’s sophomore release that drops next month. It’ll be in your top ten of 2017 and will be an essential hardcore album for the ages. The title track (the awesome video is featured below) is an absolute napalm bomb of an anthem with one of my favorite Rocky quotes-“the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”. Try getting this tune out of your skull. It is loaded with classic hardcore songs like “ Cold concrete”, “One life” and “Against the Odds”.

Musically it doesn’t move beyond the realms of the gold standard Terror, Madball etc tough guy hardcore genre and that’s a well-respected place to be. What makes this shine and crush you even more than their first album “For the Underdogs”, is the insanely catchy riffs, amazing solos, ferocious deep vocals, plus a semi trailer full of groove and rhythm in the arrangements. I haven’t heard that since some of the classic Sick Of It All, Biohazard and Agnostic front releases. The production is both crisp and punchy, whilst the bass and drums sit perfectly in a main title fight bout of groove and aggression with required breakdowns and gang vocals.

I also dig the guest vocalist tracks like “Blindfolded”, “Antisocial” and “The Enemy” as well as a superb German tune called “Euer Hass”.

Unbroken is slated for release 2nd June 2017 on 1054 records. Hit up 1054 records for the pre-order, buy it, enjoy it and wait for the next enthralling installment of the Companion hardcore machine.

Words by Mark Jenkins.

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