Review: A Catalyst for Mayhem by Maggot

Maggot’s first album “A Catalyst For Mayhem”… what can I say about this album? Well it turned up in the mail on a Thursday.  I opened the box and put that CD into the CD player and turned it up to ten… WOW!!!

Goosebumps… hairs standing on end! Fuck this is one hell of an epic album. They have set the bar really high for their first release.

Thirteen well written songs, coupled with thought provoking lyrics.  Lowki just belts them out, what amazing vocals, loud.  in your face, all backed up by Mez and Moey playing some killer guitar riffs and Des laying out some big drum beats. If you put it all together you get one amazing band, loud and fast and in your face. An intense sound!

My recommendation: go out and buy this brilliant album. One listen and you will know immediately what the hell I’m going on about. Grab yourself a copy and support one of the best bands going around and if you see them playing near you go and see them, really they will just make you stand there go’ wow what just happened’…  And best of all: You’ll be supporting local music.

A Catalyst for Mayhem available now on Bandcamp.

Review and images by Rod Manning.

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