Review: Unholy Rush by Mindsnare

Out of sheer nowhere Mindsnare dropped their first album in a decade and number 5 “Unholy Rush” doesn’t hold back at grabbing your attention. Engineered by Fuller at the Hardcore/metal Mecca Goatsound Studios and produced by Kurt Ballou, this metal influenced hardcore/crossover thrash onslaught destroys your eardrums. It’s a fucking ripper.

Mindsnare wear their influences on their sleeves and Beltsy, Gordy, Nigel and Matt create that perfect mix of old school death/hardcore we all call home. After all these years, these legendary bastards still pull out cracker riffs, beats and vocal twists and turns that other international acts could only dream of. I am a long-term fan since day dot and they still surprise me with every album in the best possible way.

The solid production captures every mean and nasty streak Mindsnare challenge you with, whilst being majestically inventive and uncompromising in combination with ripping your face off in regards to its sheer brutality. What is incredible and slightly different to their previous cuts is the harsh atmosphere created here by the sublime engineering and production.

Every song is a highlight, but my favorites were “Lacerate to Exist”, the haunting instrumental “The Inquisition”, “Gateway to Madness” and “Buried Alive”. This album is an extreme hardcore metal masterpiece.

Available now from Resist Records, iTunes and Bandcamp.

Reviewed By Mark Jenkins.

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