Album Review: Toss A Coin by Insanity

Insanity are a top shelf hardcore band from Switzerland who have shared the stage with pure hardcore greats as Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front, Terror and Hatebreed. They share many of these influences but efficiently mix all of this up with some real punk flow as well.

“Toss a Coin” their second album, to be honest is a great improvement from their previous releases. There is less melody and more gritty harmony, but in a very SOIA/Biohazard/Warzone style. The title track has excellent lyrics and a heaviness that makes you really take notice. This was really evident in the opening track “No tolerance for intolerance”, fantastic groove, pace and brilliant gang vocals.

This carries throughout this fantastic album, it’s catchy as all hell, songs are not too long and it’s positive vibe and calls for unity make me want to dance hard. Stand out tracks were One day, Slaves, What’s hardcore and the last track “Die For” which closed the album exceptionally well.

It’s by no means the most original album, but it has groovy riffs, breakdowns, wicked gang vocals and has well thought out song structure make it a worth your while. Live they absolutely kill it and this album translates this into an anthemic album worth playing again and again. A solid win for worldwide hardcore again.

Toss A Coin is released 26th May on Bastardized Recordings on iTunes etc.

Check their latest video ‘With My Friends’ here:

Review by Mark Jenkins.

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