E.P. Review: “The Cost of Clarity”, by Diploma

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson managed to get his grubby little hands on an advance copy of Diploma’s upcoming E.P., ‘The Cost of Clarity’ in the lead up to the recording’s release on 26th of May.  Here’s his shitty review on what has shaped up to be a rather rad set of sounds.

Not afraid to step out of the straight up and down of fast paced pop/skate punk, ‘The Cost of Clarity’ by Melbourne based Diploma, weaves the fast paced melodic riffs and shout out gang vocals expected of the genre with a hint of indie band like sounds.

The intro on opening track ‘Macho’ could almost be mistaken for something from an early 2000’s indie soundtrack before erupting into shouted vocals and heavy riffing, and then dipping back into fuzzy guitar underpinning some mesmeric softer vocals and punctuated by a slower throb of bass and drum.

Tracks such as ‘Lauralie’, and ‘End and End (Then Die)’, are your more typical melodic modern punk fare, and are executed extremely well.   Happily this execution has also been typical of the band’s live performances witnessed thus far.

Track 3, ‘Curse These Metal Hands’ is the only anomaly in an otherwise excellent E.P.  A soundscape of voices in a busy café or venue with a scratchy recording of melancholic piano.  It unfortunately will only distract from an EP that is otherwise a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

Despite its over long title the stand out track on the E.P. is ‘Everything is Repairable, It’s Whether Or Not It’s Worth Repairing’.  The track contains the kind of chorus that just makes you want dance while throwing your fist in the air and shouting along with the vocals.

Get your arse along to the Bendigo Hotel, 26th May 2017 for the EP launch.

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