6 Hotly Anticipated Releases From Some Great Melbourne Bands

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson talks shit about some upcoming releases from some great Melbourne bands that you really should keep your ears peeled for.*

K-Mart Warriors

Melbourne’s west side punks K-Mart Warriors recently hit Sound System Studios to record their second album, and the first with Beno from Geelong’s Half Pints on guitar.  The album promises to offer up an even more strongly street punk influenced sound according to Dik, the band’s vocalist.  No release date on this one yet but keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of what will most likely be a riot of a launch party.


Strawberry Fist Cake

Ragged Press favourites Strawberry Fist Cake have announced a tour this month in support of the launch of their new recording ‘Not A Sausage’, with a host of dates announced for the east coast, regional Victoria and Adelaide.  The band underwent significant line-up changes in recent months announcing a completely new rhythm section, resulting in what the band believes is a faster more aggressive approach to their music.  If you are after some fast paced, funny punk tunes, sure to offend your parents, then check out Strawberry Fist Cake at one of their upcoming shows.  Not A Sausage will be released on the 8th June 2017.



Australian Kingswood Factory

Melbourne based rockers, Australian Kingswood Factory have announced a hiatus from live shows commencing 3rd June, while they knuckle under to record their sophomore release.  The band’s first recording ‘245’ was a masterpiece of Australian rock, in the traditions of the Albert Studios of the 1970’s.  There has also been some rumours of some world class art being organised for this album, but truth be told, the real question here is, can the trio record another album to match the quality of their first release?  You can check out the band before they go on hiatus at Whole Lot of Love tonight!



Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays

 The wait for the first release from Joe Guiton and the Suicide Tuesdays is like the longest foreplay in the history of mankind.  The Melbourne based quintet have come out time and time again to put on emotionally charged shows that have had punters raising pints in joy, while simultaneously reducing them to tears.  It can only be hoped that the long awaited album can capture the raw energy of the band’s live performances.  Over a year in the making, the outfit’s frontman Joe Guiton has recently announced on social media that the album is over 90% complete and we hope that Ragged Press can announce a launch date soon!

Stoned to Death/Ding Dong Death Hole Split

 Another recording that seems to be taking an eternity to be released is the split by cheeky 420 thrashers Stoned To Death and the mesmeric, politically charged punks, Ding Dong Death Hole.  Both bands deliver performances that punch you in the guts and it’s our hope that this recording gets released sooner rather than later!  Here’s a little taste of Ding Dong Death Hole to keep you going in the meantime.

The Murderballs

Finally, Melbourne proponents of punk with a solid groove, The Murderballs are set to enter Sound System Studios to throw together some new recordings.  The veteran trio are well known for their dirty boy humour, coupled with a funky groove laden approach to their punk and Ragged Press waits with anticipation to hear their newest release.  Ragged Press will be hopefully joining the lads in the studio later next month to capture them in action.

Images by Matt Gleeson.

*(peeling your ears with sharp implements is not really recommended, but these are all great bands so make sure you catch these releases!).

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