Review: ‘Weekended’ by The Bob Gordons

Fast paced funsters, The Bob Gordons have posted a three track digital release on Bandcamp just over a week ago.  The opening track (Would It Be Different If My) Girlfriend (Loved My Band) perfectly encapsulates the Frenzal Rhombesque (yeah I’m inventing words again) essence of the Perth based pop punkers.

Track 2; ‘Drawer Full of Porn’, conveys perfectly the adolescent humour of the band with golden lines like, ‘I even caught him wanking over Women’s Weekly’, while the final track of the release, ‘Hey Christian’ is a 51 second burst of fast riffs and vocal melodies.

In short, The Bob Gordons have launched another fun time, fast paced, well executed and never ever to be considered high brow  release.  Look out for the single launch party date, sure to hit you Crackbook soon.  In the meantime you can download Weekended on Bandcamp for a measley $5.00 AUD.


Review by Matt Gleeson.

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