Interview with Mik De Star – Glitter, Fist Cake and Nevermind The Warp’d

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson caught up with Mik De-Star, guitarist with Melbourne punk out fit Strawberry Fist Cake, and one of the duo behind the Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival.


Matt:  Okay so Strawberry Fist Cake played the Melbourne leg of the Not A Sausage Album launch tour last night. How are you feeling today?

Mik:  Like there’s not enough showers to clean off the filth. I do seem to be abnormally glistening in the sunlight though.

Matt: Ha ha I hear balloons of glitter confetti will do that to you… That or maybe you’re a vampire like in the Twilight movies! Fist Cake have a reputation for putting on fun shows with a fair dash of mayhem, but you guys seemed to turn it up a notch last night. Is the new rhythm section some of the explanation for the renewed energy?

Mik:  Nah, not at all! The new members have just forced us to write and play faster and more technical songs, so we’re incorporating a lot more on-stage antics and exploding props as a distraction from all the musical mistakes we make.

Matt: The new album definitely sounds heavier and faster than previous releases. While most of the album maintains the cheeky humour synonymous with Strawberry Fist Cake, the track Stabville has a bit of a darker tale behind it. How did the song come about?

Mik: Ha, ha Stabville is a true tale of a bad situation I got into with our roadie while on tour in Philadelphia last year. Basically, we went walking to find a liquor store, ignored warnings and ended up in what’s known as the Badlands. We soon figured out that 2 white guys in brightly coloured tartan pants really get attention at the corner of Diamond and 22nd St. I think the police tape draped around a house within the first 100 metres should have been a good sign of bad things ahead, but hey, we were damn thirsty and walked another 3 kilometres into the ghetto. The funny thing….there was no liquor store to be found. After that event our roadie Joey and I decided to write a song about it, so I wrote my version and he wrote his version for his band The Shop Rockets. So there’s actually two different songs written about the exact same story.

Matt: Ha ha cool I will have to check out The Shop Rockets version too. Fist Cake are heading back to North America later in the year. Any bands that you are keen to play with when you return?

Mik:  We always have a blast playing with our Canadian mates Rehab For Quitters and once we cross the border well definitely be hooking up with Sparklefight again for a few shows. We’re also stoked to be doing a run of Midwest shows with Cincinnati band Slutbomb as well. One I’m really looking forward to though is hooking up with Philly punks 66 Stitches this time. Rad band and rad dudes.

Matt:  You certainly keep a busy schedule between recording and launching an album and organising a U.S./Canada tour. Krunchy and yourself are also heavily involved in putting on a host of local shows including the Nevermind The Warp’d Festival which just seems to be getting bigger every year. How’s this year’s NMW fest shaping up?

Mik:  It’s early days with Warp’d at the moment so I can’t divulge too much info, with artist submissions still being open. But I can say that this year we’ve had quite a unique array bands wanting to play. There’s a lot of awesome new bands and some solid old favorites putting their hands up. But who plays won’t be decided until our blind listening party in July/august. There’s also a high possibility that 2017 will be the first year the festival travels interstate to Brisbane, due to popular demand. But, more will be announced in the next couple months.

Matt:  So submissions are open and bands can apply online right? Any advice to bands thinking about making a submission?

Mik:  Due to the fact we get around 100-150 submissions, at our blind listening party we only have time to listen to one track per band so the song that artists submit has to be a cracker. Keep in mind our team of 8 listeners have no idea who they’re listening to at the time so it’s all based on that one song. As much as we’d like the extra cash or a slab of beer, the offer of bribes doesn’t help either. Oh, and please fill out the whole submission form, if you don’t have a song or links to a song, we can’t accept it. Wow, I sounded like my high school principal just then.

How much fun is Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival… this much fun!!!

Matt:  Ha ha! Hey Mik thanks for your time today mate, and all the best with the rest of the tour. One final question for you… How the fuck do I make sure I’m not trailing glitter confetti around work tomorrow?

Mik:  That’s impossible! No one has ever totally cleaned themselves of glitter confetti within a month. I would suggest strapping a horn to head and tell people you’re a unicorn pooping rainbows!

Matt:  Ha ha cheers mate – I’m sure the boss will understand!

Strawberry Fist Cake have two dates remaining on the Not A Sausage tour.  Details below:

June 23 – Commercial Hotel (Hamilton VIC)

June 24 – Edinburgh Castle Hotel (Adelaide SA)

Submit your band to perform at the Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival

Since it’s inception in 2013, the Nevermind The Warp’d Tour Festival has become a well loved annual event on the Melbourne punk calendar.  Generating a bunch of sideshows and featuring around 30 bands on the main event day, this home grown brain child of Knoodle Promotions, Punk-A-Billy Touring and Valanteen Records is an event not to be missed.  Bands can submit for consideration for the festival via an online submission form.  Submissions close June 30th so get on it.

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