Tales From the Road (Part 2): The Z.G.’s / Strawberry Fist Cake Tour (with added extra picture galleries!)

AC/DC told us it was a long way to the top if you want to rock’n’roll.  I wouldn’t know, but I do know it’s a long way between Adelaide and Bendigo when your car is full of hungover punks driving to a rock show.

The Adelaide leg of The Z.G.’s / Strawberry Fist Cake tour was an absolute ripsnorter!  Local supports Profiteers, Ben Gel and the Boneyard Saints and the mutha fuckin’ Pro-Tools were all on fire on Friday night.  I’d really recommend checking out The Profiteers if you loved the now decomposing Melbourne outfit Laser Brains.  A special shout out needs to go out to Pete Howlett from The Pro-Tools who was the host with most (and maybe a touch too much).  It’s always pretty sweet when you catch up with punk family from interstate who open up their home to you.

Despite the punishing pace that The Z.G’s and Strawberry Fist Cake have set for themselves this tour, both bands keep rolling on and smashed out killer sets.  It’s the second night in a row that I’ve witnessed The Z.G.’s take the stage.  I couldn’t help but make comparisons with local favourites, The Suicide Tuesdays.  The two bands are light years apart musically, but both write catchy songs that lend themselves to the audience chorusing along, without being apparently pop or sachrine.  Both bands also share an earnestness in their song writing that demands that you pay attention to the lyrics.

Gallery – The Z.G.s playing Hamilton and Adelaide


The Strawberry Fist Cake set was particularly anarchic as the band used their time to drink shots, and show case departing drummer Jimmy Jack Steve’s awesome skills on the skins, drink some shots, mounting the drums, drink some shots and well… drink ALL the shots.  I’ve witnessed a lot of Fist Cake shows in the past, and this one would have to be one of the most entertaining.  The four piece definitely didn’t leave any fuel in the reserve tank!

Gallery – Strawberry Fist Cake playing Hamilton and Adelaide

You can catch both bands tonight at the Sunday Fun Day Spectacular at the Retreat Hotel, Brunswick.

As an extra special treat, Paige Beller from Cincinnati’s ZG’s and Dayton’s Jasper The Colossal will also take the stage as a solo acoustic act. 

words and pictures by Matt Gleeson.


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