Interview with Jason Driver, Yob Mob

Jason from Yob Mob is a huge fan of Hard Skin. When they came to Australia he was keen to fly across the nation to catch the gigs. He ultimately couldn’t make it, so because Devon used to do mail order through Hard Skin’s bassist he decided to see if Hard Skin would do a special sig. 

This is what Jason got: 

To not discuss this at all, Devon caught up with Jason. 

Devon:  Yob Mob have been around for years, what’s prompted your pending min-tour now?

JD:  Originally we were prompted to travel for cheaper drugs but now we are straight edge, I’d have to say it’s our love of Franco Cozzo’s.  This trip though was instigated by the lads from The Rogues for A Night of Street Punk and Oi 2.  We played with Spew ‘n’ Guts a few years back when they came over West and Chuck talked us up to land us this gig.  Cheers, Chuck ol’ mate.

Devon:  I know you’re a walking movie encyclopaedia.  Yob Mob have done a song about Walking Tall, what other films would you like to write about?

JD:  My 90s band Crippled Children had a song about Bad Taste so I guess next it’d have to be a ditty about Mad Foxes or Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. Street Trash and the All Night Long series would fit the bill, too.

Devon:  Mach Pelican’s song Anyway was about All Night Long.  Actually, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.  Tell us about your band, Dead Babies in Vomit.

JD:  DBIV has been around for 20 odd years. I only joined a year back to help out Vomit. It’s currently a three piece. Vomit, Mikko Ak47 (Ruptures) main drummer and me. We are a couple of weeks off releasing a couple of 7-inches. Got about eight songs in the bag.  Zane Da Stain also played drums on a couple of songs off the eight song EP, which is getting released in different formats and was recorded by Mikko Ak47.  Vomit is hilarious. He’s like Perth’s answer to GG Allin minus the violence. I remember in the 90s they had Humphrey Bear appearing in the city to a crowd of thousands on school holidays. Anyway Vomit jumps on stage and tries to bum Humphrey to the horror of a thousand moms and their kids. The cops handcuff him but he gave it legs to cop a further charge of stealing police property.

Devon:  For stealing the handcuffs!

JD:  Ha! Oh yeah, apparently Alice Cooper listed DBIV on his list of the 10 worst band names ever.

Devon:  Speaking of controversial band names, this is your first time playing in Melbourne since you were in Crippled Children.  What have you missed most about playing here?

JD:  This will actually be the first time I’ve ever played Melbourne. Our drummer in CCStuey Tonkin (Pestilence), passed away in about 95. We relocated the band to St Kilda but never actually played there. We were young, drugs cost a third of the price of what they did over West and basically we were stupid.  Had a ball though living on Grey Street and then later Balaclava.

Devon:  I thought I heard a recording of you guys playing in Melbourne?

JD:  Our second demo was mixed there. That was about it. We have a pub here called The Melbourne. Maybe that caused the confusion?

Devon:  That’s probably it.  How did Yob Fest get started?

Yob Fest 2015

JD:  Strangely enough the first Yob Fest was actually a Monster Pictures fundraiser when I was gathering cash to bring Ryan Nicholson, the director of Gutterballs, over here.  From there we kept the format but changed the name and it was held in an industrial area called Canningvale close to our maximum security lock up Hakea. I guess that’s where the Claremont serial killer is currently staying. Anyway, it was just a showcase for local bands. I think we might be up to Yob Fest 4 now.

Devon:  You mentioned Spew ‘n’ Guts before.  You seem to have a strong connection to the Footscray scene.  Is that because of them?

JD:  Yeah, I love those lads.  I’m not sure if I have strong connection to the area, but I know it’s pretty much the punk capital of Australia.  There’s a few x-Pertherts around that way too. I’m not sure if you remember but I actually grew up in Melbourne around Springvale, Noble Park when we left Coventry, UK.

Devon:  I remembered you grew up in the Melbourne area.

JD:  There were a group of punks that way in the very early 80s called The Patterson Road Punx.  As a little kid I was always fixated on these folk so that probably had a lot to with my life-long obsession with punk/oi.

Devon:  You do seem to know every punk band ever.  If you could turn everyone on to just one punk band, who would it be and why?

JD:  I’m no expert but I’d like to put forward The Consumers.  Originally from Phoenix Arizona they moved to LA in the late 70s.  A couple of members went on to form 45 Grave. They had an EP All My Friends are Dead which was posthumously released in 95.  Fucking brilliant stuff which I think is criminally underrated.  I also think more folk should get into The Mentally Ill. This is the closest you’ll get to burning insanity on a disc. I think it was even you who got me onto them.

Devon:  I LOVE The Mentally Ill so it mighta been!  And you got me onto The Consumers in return!  The Mentally Ill feature in You Weren’t There, but don’t get enough screen time for my liking.

JD:  You Weren’t There?  What is this?  I need to see.

Devon:  It’s a punk doco on the Chicago scene.  Why do my tears make you hard?

JD:  Well, Your Tears Make Me Hard off our Yobnoxious EP was inspired by Human Centipede 2. It was influenced by a line in HC2, but really the lyrics deal with how fucked up this planet is.  The title line is as if it was from Turnbull or a world leader profiting from pain.

Devon:  How did Yob Mob hook up with Moonstomp for your split CD?

JD:  The Moonstomp split was put on my mini label I’m starting Yoblife records. Moonstomp are from Bandung in Indonesia. No Man’s Land from Indo are pretty good too for that matter. Any day now though we are releasing the first recording as an EP on its own. We’ve also got enough songs for a second release which we will put out along with a couple of recorded songs off the first one.

Devon:  Anything else you’d like to add?

JD:  We’re playing A Night of Street Punk and Oi 2 at the Bendigo Hotel. We are also playing in Footscray on March 16th at the Dancing Dog with Half PintsWot RotPowerskids and Stoned to Death.  Big cheers to Handie for setting that up and thanks to you, my ol’ mate. I’m really looking forward to these Melbourne gigs. It’s the best city in Australia and I hope all you people come see Yob Mob. We’re a much better band live than on recording and if you like your old school UK Punk n Oi I’m positive you’ll love the Yobs.

Devon:  I’ve heard from a lot of people you are definitely one of Perth’s must see bands!

JD:  Yeah, we are a lot of fun and that’s great to hear but there is a shitload of great bands in Perth at the moment: Rabid Abbot, Sharon, Nailed Down, BläckwitchStumped and Roachbones to name a couple.  Don from the Homicides and Undies from Raw Nerve are starting a new band too. They usually put out some good shit.

It’s taken Yob Mob over five years to get over this side, so be sure to catch them as many times as you can while they’re here because who knows how long it will be until they’re back. 

Written by Devon


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