By Matt Gleeson, 21st August 2016

I’m sitting before a keyboard, operating on about 4 hours sleep after getting in late from photographing what could only be called a fucking good old fashioned punk rock show last night.  It’s my job now to tell you all about Ragged Press and I’m kind of lost for words.

I could tell you that sometimes I get bored. Nothing new there.  So when I get bored I sometimes come up with some cracked idea.  Nothing new there either!  Once in a blue moon, I actually I follow up on my cracked idea… and…well, that’s how Ragged Press was born.

Or, I could tell you that as a live music photographer I get to meet lots of ace, talented people and that I wanted a vehicle to share their work, or that I wanted to extend myself as a writer.

While all of the above is true, the ultimate truth is that last night is the reason I started Ragged Press.

I went to a fundraising show for good friends Strawberry Fist Cake.  S.F.C. are on their way to North America in two weeks to tour the U.S. and Canada and the fundraising show was put together to help them on their way.  These guys are nobodies (in the nicest sense of the word).  They will never top the iTunes charts.  They will never be flying around in chartered jets, or have a million fans screaming their names. But they do know how to have fun.  They do know how to create tunes that everyone can yell along with.  They have a passion for their music and a passion for their community, just like the 100 or so others that I got up close and personal with last night, in a small pub in Melbourne.  Hopefully, Ragged Press can do that passion justice.

Ragged Press will be publishing album and gig reviews, articles, interviews,  videos and maybe even the odd podcast, and of course the occasional photograph or twenty.  It draws from the expertise of a group of contributors who are embedded in the live music scene and draws on the passion that I witnessed last night.

Ragged Press is about sharing our community, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Now in the words of the immortal bards; “Hey-Ho, Let’s Go!

(Header Image: L-R Toffer, Joe Guiton and James Crow)

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