Melbourne based trio Keggin have made a bit of noise in recent months in the world of social media with the YouTube release of a couple of pretty awesome music videos.  Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson spent a little time with vocalist/guitarist The Goon King, a.k.a. Gaz Baker, to talk about Keggin and the secrets behind their low in budget, high in fun, videos.


MG: How would Keggin’s music be best described?

Gaz: 16 16 year olds hangin out at a house while the parents are out of town raiding the liquor cabinet and getting their one mate on p’s to go buy em goon from a bottleshop. 3 of em make a band the next morning about the fun of the night before. Of course we’re all older now.


MG: The band launched an EP titled Red, White and Spew, and undertook a tour of the east coast of Australia earlier this year.  How receptive were the audience to a goon inspired punk band?

Gaz: Very receptive. We got a great wrap everywhere we went. We loved playing for people in Geelong, Adelaide, Sydney and Brissy. There were a whole lot of drinks consumed with some awesome people.

MG: The launch show for the E.P. at Yah Yahs in April had a pretty mixed bill and included folk punk duo Shadow League, hard rock band 180 Proof and local punks CMASH CMUNT! Why such a mixed line up of different genres of music?

Gaz: We are mates with all those guys and really wanted a broader audience to come party together. Which we did and it was glorious… from what I can remember anyway.

MG: Keggin is getting a reputation for releasing some pretty awesome low budget music videos.  Are the video productions a D.I.Y. effort or do you need to hire in some expertise? 

IMG_8860Gaz: For the last two clips, The Goon Song and Death Bag we’ve brought in our recording engineers Chris and James from Wedgetail Records who have taken a big leap into the wide world of video recording. They do a bang-up job with some top rate gear.

MG: The Keggin videos are all very different.  Who comes up with the video concepts and storylines?

Gaz: We all do. Usually Dave Stubbie Holder, our lead drummer and skins maniac will come up with a concept and we’ll all chip in on some different elements that we want included.

MG: The band look like you’re having a lot of fun making the clips.  How much work is really involved?

Gaz: Well. Councils tend to want cash from us when we film on their land. So we need to be super quick with what we do. It’s all in good fun, don’t get me wrong. But it’s rushed as shit.

MG: Your most recent video, Death Bag appears to be inspired by fantasy movies and television like the hit series Game of Thrones. The chief protagonist in the video is named Smirnoffius the Repulsive, an obvious reference to the vodka brand Smirinoff.  Tell us, is vodka really that evil?

Gaz: When you market drinks that taste like lollies to younger chicks and dudes. Yeah. You’re a dick. Drink it straight or not at all.

IMG_8793MG: Any hints about what’s coming up in the future in the world of goon inspired music videos?

Gaz: Silver footballs and scary goon monsters. All will be revealed at the end of September.

MG: Motorhead, AC/DC and Iron Maiden all have their own alcohol brands.  None of them sell grog in a box though.  Any chance of a Keggin branded goon box being launched in the future?

Gaz: Fuck yeah. That’s the dream. If that happens. We’ve made it.

MG: Where can we see you play next?

Gaz: Few choices for you…

August 27th at The Tote Front Bar
September 2nd at the Bendigo Hotel
September 3rd at the Evelyn
September 9th at Cherry Bar (1 a.m. show)


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