Ruts D.C. have recently released the video clip for their new track, ‘Music Must Destroy’, featuring Henry Rollins.  The track is the title song for the new Ruts D.C. album slated for release on the 16th September 2016.  Music Must Destroy is the first full studio album released by the Ruts since 1981.

The Ruts formed in England in the late 1970’s and pioneered a reggae influenced punk style.  The band toured with the likes of The Damned and reportedly were a strong influence for the latter day iconic hardcore punk vocalist and spoken word performer, Rollins.   After the tragic death of front man Malcolm Owens in 1980 and a change in musical direction, the band changed their name to Ruts D.C. and released a further two recordings before calling it a day in 1983.

Original members David Ruffy and John “Segs” Jennings reformed Ruts D.C. in 2011 enlisting Leigh Heggarty on guitar and the trio has since extensively toured the world, including a tour of Australia in November 2015.  Having seen the Melbourne show of the 2015 Australian tour, I can honestly say that these guys still bring it, performing an eclectic range of tracks ranging from obviously reggae and dub inspired numbers, through to your more traditional punk arrangements.  If the lyrical content of the track, Music Must Destroy is anything to go by, then the band have also retained their egalitarian values since the 70’s, when the Ruts were involved in the anti racism movement.


The Ruts D.C. album, ‘Music Must Destroy is scheduled for release on 16th September 2016 and will be available at:



iTunes (Australia):

Check out more about Ruts D.C. on:



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