Blood Sucking Freaks, Barwon Club Hotel, 1st December 2017

South Australia's Blood Sucking Freaks got freaky in the Barwon Club Hotel. Pics by Matt Gleeson and Rod Manning

Topnovil, Barwon Club Hotel, 1st December 2017

Topnovil played the only Victorian Nevermind the Warp'd Tour Festival sideshow in the wilds of Geelong.  RP's Rod Manning and Matt Gleeson trekked over to Geetroit to capture the fun.

Freakshow Nightmare, Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival, New Globe Theatre, 9th December 2017

Tracie Tee snapped some snaps of Queensland's Freakshow Nightmare at the first and fianl Brisbane Nevermind the Warp'd Tour Festival.