13490725_833656683433414_3853397810089953810_oSelf described pro procrastinator, Toffer Rush cut his reviewing teeth over at Punk Rock Radio.

Producer, Song Writer, Musician, he does it all… But not very well, thats ok though because he makes up for it with claims of getting it done, albeit 6 months after deadline.  Outside of shirking writing duties Toff can be seen as the frontman of Melbourne’s messiest and arguably worst chaotic ska punk band Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge, bouncing, yelling and spewing glitter as one part GG Allin, one part Tim Armstrong, 8 parts Liberace.  In addition he fills out bass section of world premiere “Grump-core” band The Suicide Tuesdays, acting as a disjointed, offensive juxtaposition to frontman and Melbourne folk staple Joe Guiton.

Toff also helms DIY production/record company SBF productions, recording and mixing records for anyone desperate enough to use his services and freelance mixing live when he finds the time/is broke enough to need the work.