By Matt Gleeson, 24th August 2016

Randomly wandering through the universe of BandCamp, I came across this recently released debut recording my Melbourne, 5 piece outfit, Supa Suplex.  The album title was definitely something I can get on board with so I thought I’d give the album a bit more of a considered listen.  Supa Suplex are overtly political, and the 6 tracks on the E.P. include “Welcome To Australia” and “It’s Not Cool to Beat Your Wife”, deal with the negative impacts of racism and domestic violence respectively.  Great to see a bunch of young blokes using punk music to put themselves out there on important issues.

The first thing to get your head around is the poor production on the recording – it’s like listening to something recorded in the 70’s.  This of course maybe a selling point for some.  The descriptor on the BandCamp page claims the EP was recorded over 2 days in a bungalow, and the raw D.I.Y. sound certainly shows.  I can easily imagine that this album is truly representative of the band’s live performance.

The tracks themselves are a bit hit and miss, however the standout track, “Welcome to Australia”will certainly end up on one of my playlists somewhere.  Despite the somewhat chaotic nature of the recording, it definitely holds some appeal and leaves me wanting to see what the band is like live.


Verdict:  Needs more work, but not bad first offering 4.5/7 wontons

Favourite track: Welcome To Australia

Availability: Digital Album available on BandCamp

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