An online bio of Little Lamb and The Rosemarys reads:

“If Courtney Love and Kathleen Hannah had a child and that child decided to have a baby with Marilyn Manson you would find Little Lamb & the Rosemary’s somewhere in the middle.”

img_2545Having seen the Melbourne four piece live I can honestly say that their bio may have been a little understated.

You would think that the band’s frenetic live musical performance, coupled with the bizarre stage theatrics of lead vocalist Nikki Lamb, complete with dismembered dolls might be a little difficult to replicate in a studio recording. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the bands 4 song digital recording titled ‘Bad Thyming’.

Nikki’s screaming (yet somewhat child-like) vocals soar over the wave of melodic noise produced by sister Liv (backing vocals and guitar), Dan (bass) and Kim (drums).  Unlike many bands that tend to the screaming school of vocals, each of the four tracks in this digital offering provide enough empty space and melody to provide for a pop like catchiness.

Despite the pop appeal, the listener is left in no doubt that that are listening to something authentic, and in no way a product of pop manufacturing.  I look forward to hearing future recordings of the self-confessed proponents of Clamcore.

Favourite Track: Little Vein

Verdict: 6 out of 6 dismembered dolls arms

Availability: Bandcamp – pay what you feel

Feature Photograph and Review by Matt Gleeson