Words and images by Matt Gleeson, 10th September 2016

Well last night’s show can only be described as one hell of a good time!  I already had high expectations leading up to the launch show for a 7 track E.P. titled Golf Riot by Ballarat trio, The Shorts.  Joe Guiton and the Suicide Tuesdays and Melbourne based Kiwis, Shadow League are both long time favourites of mine, but I was also pumped to check out some bands that I hadn’t heard much of before.

Late Nights

The night commenced with Melbourne 4 piece pop punk outfit Late Nights.  In the week leading up to the show I had a listen to a pretty polished self-titled recording that was put out by Late Nights a couple of years ago, and truth be told it doesn’t do their live performance justice.  There is nothing too challenging about Late Nights’ performance.  Pretty straight forward formulaic pop punk, with enough rough edges to keep it interesting.  Definitely not boring and yet still accessible enough to dance along too.


The Sleepless

The second band for the night was Melbourne based trio The Sleepless.  I had heard absolutely zero about these guy going into this show, and for the life of me, I can’t work out why! Offering up a blistering rock-a-billy influenced set, these guys sounded like the Living Ends’ cool older brother (Sorry Living End, but it’s true – these guys are cooler than you).

They were an absolute joy to watch, from Matty Tweed’s monstrous punishing of the drums, to Ash Stanfield’s cool aplomb while handling the double bass, right through to Nate Brown’s frenetic shredding of the Gretsch – these guys rock it!  They have a pretty cool recording on Bandcamp, but really, these guys are just made to be seen live (in fact I’ve been fantasizing about seeing these guys playing a double billing with another of my Melbourne favourites Australian Kingswood Factory – somebody please make this happen!).

Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays

I’m no stranger to the night’s third act,  Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays, having photographed them at numerous shows over the last couple of years.  Joey G and the Suey T’s have never failed to entertain, and they did it again last night, starting the set with the tearjerker Juchie and finishing with crowd favourite Leave Us Be.  As far as I’m concerned these guys are just…. Wow!!!! I’d give you more of a review except it’s pretty plain that I’m biased.  I’d suggest you listen to them online, but their first album is currently in production.  You can check out acoustic renderings of the songs on Bandcamp and Youtube.

The Shorts

I’d never heard these guys before coming to the show, but had received nothing but positive buzz about the Ballarat based trio.  The Shorts play fast paced pop punk with more than a tinge of pop rock thrown in for good measure.  There’s plenty of catchy riffs and vocals are ably handled by all three members of the band.  These guys are the kind of band that you just want to dance along with while raising your glass high.

The Shorts were of course the guests of honour, launching the E.P., Golf Riot.  Golf Riot is seven tracks of pure pop punk fun with nary the fake American accent to be seen.  These guys are tight, fun and talented, which all makes for a good time.  Let’s hope they make more visits to the big smoke soon.


Shadow League

Finishing up the night were Melbourne’s favourite New Zealanders, Shadow League.  The folk punk duo, comprising of Craig Coburn (guitar and vocals) and Dave Brown (drums/vocals) bring a big sound for a seemingly small outfit and are without a doubt a Melbourne audience favourite. I couldn’t think of a better band to bring the night to a close.


As shows go, maybe sometimes you can believe the hype.  I was really excited by  both the prospects of catching old favourites Shadow League and Joe Guiton and The Suicide Tuesdays, as well as the chance to see some bands that I had not come across before.  My old favourites continue to entertain and the new discoveries did not disappoint.

Verdict: 5.7 out of 6 donuts.