ragged-press-avitarRagged Press is a collaborative project, with it’s contributors devoting time and energy to the zine at their own expense.  While Ragged Press has not been set up as a money making concern, it does cost money to run.   Your donation will be used to meet the costs of maintaining and serving the site.  Any funds surplus to this will be distributed between our regular contributors (which they may well spend on beer, but there is always the possibility they will spend it on equipment to better capture interviews and photographs of your favourite punk bands).

In addition, when you make a donation of $20.00 (AUD) we will automatically place your contact details on a list to be contacted with special offers on merch or events that Ragged Press are involved with in the future.  If you do not wish to be placed on this list please write “opt out” when you submit your donation.

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Matt Gleeson, Editor, Ragged Press